One question people often ask when buying linens and bedsheets is how long do they last? Well, the good news is that bedsheets can last up to ten to twelve years if cared for properly. This article will discuss how you can get longer-lasting bedsheets and avoid the issue of having to buy new bedsheets more often. 


Use High-Quality Cotton 

If you buy bedsheets with higher quality cotton, then they will likely last longer. You should check the grade of the cotton for your bedsheet at the time of purchase. The fiber strength and length is the most important aspect, and you need to check this from the person you buy it from. You should also look at thread count because a higher thread count makes a sturdier bedsheet.


Avoid High Heat on Your Sheet

When you wash and dry your sheet, you should ensure the temperature of the washing machine and dryer is not very high. If you wash it at a cooler temperature, the heat difference will affect the sheet, and threads will become more fragile and cause the bedsheet to tears. 


Wash Only One Set at a Time 

If you wash too many sheets at one time, it will firstly not get cleaned properly, and secondly, the sheets will muddle with one another and get entangled, causing them to tear. This will result in you having to buy a new bedsheet. 


Use a Mild Detergent 

You should use a milder detergent that does not have too much acid. Otherwise, the detergent will react with the threads, dissolve the material, and cause the threads to become weaker and break. The detergent should be either in powder or solid form, and using liquid detergent is worse for your bedsheet. 


Avoid Using Bleach 

Bleach is another sure-fire way to ruin your sheets. Bleach being extremely acidic tends to eat into the sheets, and brighteners with artificial additives, will harm the sheet. It may just be a temporary solution to clean your sheet, but you should avoid using this on your bedsheets. 


Set Lower Temperatures for Washing

If your washer is set for normal cotton, then. You should consider putting it to eco mode if it is there on your machine. This is because the eco mode is at a lower temperature and will wash the bedsheet faster, making it last longer. 


Use White Vinegar to Bleach Sheets

White vinegar is a good substitute for bleach. Because it is less acidic and still cleans the sheets and makes them look less used. 


Sometimes, people manage to tear their sheets beyond repair in two or three years, which becomes a huge expense. However, with a few tips and good sheet care, you can avoid this and use the same sheets repeatedly without having to worry about their wear and tear.

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