Confidence is must to achieve success in your life. You need the courage to face your fears and to conquer them. Believe in yourself – faith in yourself means trust in yourself.

Self Confidence is closely related to self esteem. It is an external behavior that stems from a high self esteem.

Self-confidence means believing in yourself that you can be effective in the world, feeling able to cope with the world's challenges to attain goals.

Here are 7 ways to improve your self confidence:-

Believe in Yourself: First step is believing in yourself. It is your duty to take duty for your own values and self-concept, trust in your ability, skill, capacity and interest.

Affirm Yourself: We appear to act as per our own picture of ourselves. Adjust how you see yourself, to make this permanent! These are optimistic & uplifting remarks that we tell ourselves to make. To get your brain accept this quickly, phrase your affirmations as questions such as “Why am I so good in cooking?” instead of “I am so good in cooking

Do one thing that scares you everyday: Overcome the insecurity by coming up against it! Do something that has you nervous! Your self-confidence will skyrocket! Face your insecurity and get out of your comfort zones!

Help someone: It helps us to forget ourselves, and to be thankful for what we have. When you can make a difference for someone else it feels amazing. Assist, teach or volunteer mentoring to immediately see your faith rise.

Shift to equality mentality: See yourself as being fair to everything. People with low self-confidence still find others more worthy and stronger. Make this mental change to see you improve your self-esteem and confidence.

Display Success Symbols: Surround yourself with certificates and images that remind you of your own accomplishments. Build a separate room for displaying your symbols inside your building. As someone with repeated successes in life, this will keep you inspired.

Keep your Agreements: This is one of the most overlooked ways to boost and build your self esteem. Every commitment you make is for yourself even though it includes others. If you don't follow through, you'll lose self-confidence and trust.

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Steve Scott is a personal business coach, author and speaker.An entrepreneur for most of his career, his experience includes ,retail, service, manufacturing and international. He brings a diverse background and experience to his clients which run the spectrum from individuals to small business to large corporations.