Who actually entrepreneurs are?
Entrepreneur is a person who takes financial risks to established their own business or businesses. Entrepreneur also can be defining as the process of running a new business which may be on small scale. They bear risk to earn profit.
The word ‘Entrepreneur’ is a loanword from French. It first appeared in French dictionary. An Entrepreneur acts as a manager and overlooks the growth and development of an enterprise. Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur, or the owner or manager who take initiative, attempts to make profits. Entrepreneurship is the process by which either an individual or team grab business opportunities and work on it to earn profit in order to expand their business.
Who is good entrepreneur?
An entrepreneur should have a right attitude towards a business and they should also have a strong determination and grit to achieve success. An entrepreneur should have the self confidence and personality that is strong and assertive.Here are 7 ways to become a successful entrepreneur:

1.Set long term goals
Suppose your goal is to
make money online without investment
, for this you need to have a proper road map or a well-defined goal. There are no shortcuts in achieving goals; they should follow a process or steps to reach the targets. There is a different definition of success for different people; it differs from person to person.
Big, long- term goals helps in creating fine outline for your career. It determines where you have to go in the near future. If you think for long- term goals then only you will be automatically able to create short-term goals for yourself. Set your standards high so that you never stop and you keep feeling motivated. This will be the first step towards your journey to become successful.

2.Make a routine, try sticking to it
What distinguishes a common man from a successful entrepreneur is his lifestyle. And by lifestyle we don’t mean luxury. We pinpoint the regular routine here. The most important part to become a successful entrepreneur is that you should follow a routine and always stick to it. It will help in becoming successful. Following a routine helps in monitoring the progress from time to time. For another, routine helps in developing constructive habits that can enhance your career in multiple ways. The routine must be related to every activities of every day, of every hour. Our regular routine helps us to get good result.

3.Have someone to look forward to
Find yourself a mentor because you need to have someone to look forward to. It can be someone who has a same career path, but they have better knowledge and are more experienced in your particular field. The ideal person doesn’t necessarily need to be from your field, the person could b anyone who is excelling in life. The mentor has to be a source of motivation and guidance to make sure you are on the right path. It must help you in becoming more successful.
They guide you to achieve your goals in an effective and efficient manner and how you get next step of your career. Mentor helps you to communicate with other people who will help in enhancing your skills. Having guidance helps you to get success faster.

4.Your routine must be streamlined
First of all, you must remove all the things that may not useful for your career. You should remove all the distraction from your life and focus more on the things which help in your career. You must simplify your life and remove the roadblocks that are capable of distracting you. Once you remove the entire barrier, you will able to focus on your career with better concentration.

5.Learn to refuse
Multiple situations arise in life when we have to choose between two things. The conflict is mostly between a yes and a no. Mostly it is easy to say yes, but it is way too difficult to say no. If you are a person who always agrees to a person then it could be sucking you dry. It is not easy to say no but it is better from the long run perspective. Think about yourself before anything or anybody else. It highlights that you are not interested in wasting your time, money and energy and the things that aren’t advancing your career.

6.Be critical and smart when it comes to money
Entrepreneur should be smart about money, they must know how to achieve target in efficient and effective manner. They think in all perspective that how they can earn profit and how to develop their business. You should be smart in saving money, if once you know how to save money it will help in further in career.

7. Learn from your mistakes
Mistakes are great teachers. They teach a person to come out of their comfort zones and explore themselves. It helps them widen their perspectives and grow as a learned individual.
In order to become successful, you can’t stop your efforts due to a couple of mistakes. To feel devastated and giving up is not an option. Consider these mistakes as an opportunity to construct a better person within you. These failures teach you a lesson for a lifetime. You need to learn on how to overcome from your mistakes and avoid these mistakes in future.
Focus should be on progress, not perfection. If you learn from your mistakes, you will never repeat it in future and it will make you strong and help to achieve you targets faster and develop the career faster. Never stop, just keep moving on!

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I'm a civil engineer who left his job to pave his way to become an entrpreneur.