The secret to persuasion is the ability to influence others. It is important to first determine what it is a person wants and then show them how your idea/offer will help them achieve it. You can use the following simple steps to make this process more effective:

1. Watch out for power bases, e.g. personality, intimidation, rewards, and expertise that affect the skill to influence. Persuasion is just the art of understanding and using influence effectively.

2. Create something that makes your message easy to accept, e.g. make sure there is something in it for the other person, like a free newsletter or eBook, where possible.

3. Think about how you can influence the likely response of the other person, e.g. think about all the reasons why they might not wish to buy from you and have an honest response for each, so that if they say it is too expensive, go along with them, say that it is not inexpensive but have they considered the cost of not having your product or service.

4. Create strong networks and let others help you. You have to strongly believe in your product or service and this passion must be obvious to the people you network with - use this passion and let others come onboard and spread the word for you.

5. Appreciate support. Thank people and be appreciative for their help and don’t worry if you can’t do something in return for them immediately – it is highly likely that you will have the opportunity to repay the favour in the future.

6. Think big. Win/win strategies are more persuasive than win/lose – people don’t like to lose!

7. People are unlikely to buy from you when you first meet, you need to think longer term and develop relationships and trust which make it easier for people to come back and buy from you at a later date.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” - William James

Author's Bio: 

Anne Galloway is a careers coach and small business consultant who believes that work can and should be creative, meaningful and enjoyable. Her specialties include assisting clients find the 'right' career for them and showing them how to sell themselves confidently on a CV and at interviews, and taking an independent view of business systems and procedures and developing strategies to increase sales and revenue. Anne is regularly sought out as valuable sounding board due to her ability to highlight risk in order to take control and reduce it. Her first book, 'Your Future - A practical guide to action' was published in 2011.