You are probably reading this now because you want to make your money grow faster. And you noticed how simply keeping your money in the bank will just give you very little earnings in return.

You know that you have got to invest your money but are afraid of losing instead. Actually, that sort of fear is quite common whenever we venture into something new and unknown. It is natural to want to secure your hard-earned money, but this should not stop you from taking steps toward financial growth.

Finally, to take concrete actions and start investing, conquer your fears through these tips for beginners. I found these tips from an amazing young investor Christian Due, who share his personal investment experiences and tips for new investors in his blog. Read more about his thrilling journey to get more insider tips about investment in general.

Without further ado, just jump into the key points.

1. Be patient and try to look at things long-term. When you invest, you may constantly worry about prices fluctuating every now and then. But this might not really affect your investment as things will eventually balance out. You should understand that the market works in cycles, therefore, some dip or recession in your investment growth is actually part of the process.

So instead of pulling out your investment because of some dips in the prices, be patient and understand how the market works.

2. Determine how much you can invest in a maximum, after setting aside money for all your basic expenses for the next few months. Do not invest beyond what you can actually afford. If you do and some emergency expense comes up, you might get yourself in a tough situation.

You may have to suddenly pull out your investment earlier than you should. Know your current financial standpoint to understand the opportunities and risks when you invest.

3. It is your money, and so the ultimate decision lies on you. Other people may advise you to do this or that. You may think that you need the guidance of a financial adviser. Bear in mind that it is you who is concerned about your money the most. Therefore, invest only on what you personally trust in and completely understand.

4. When you think about the long-term, you realize how even a 1% fee charged by your bank may mean so much in the future. And so, keep your fees to a minimum. Think of ways how you can reduce them as much as you can.

5. Another way to secure yourself as you invest is to diversify. Try to own different types of investment assets so that even if you fail in one, you will still have others as a backup.

6. Research until you feel that you have everything you need to know in what and how you would invest. If you are interested in a certain business, understand how it would be profitable for you. Knowing the ins and outs of where you will put your money into will lessen your worries.

7. If you are going to invest in the stock market, find brokerage tools that will help you efficiently manage your investment. Again, avoid those that would charge you unnecessary fees.

Follow these 7 rules when you start your personal investment journey to minimize risks and maximize profits.

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Rasel Khan is an internet entrepreneur