How to potty train your infant before sending them to daycare? Well, most parents show major concerns about it when looking for a skilled preschool in Liverpool. Most daycare members will still be there to help the kids with the toilet. But they often want children to come in underwear, not in diapers. Well, potty training a kid is hard. But using a few hacks, you can do that without any hassles. And we’ll talk about that in the below article.

How to toilet train your child before sending them to early learning?

Potty training kids may sound easy, but persuading them to sit on the toilet is a huge task. Some kids show no interest, some get scared, and some even get mad. But that should never hold you back from toilet training your infant. And here’re smart tips from daycare professionals to try at home:

1. If your kid has any older siblings at home, ask them to demonstrate the joy of using the toilet. It’ll encourage your infant to do the same and use the toilet when needed. But you should ensure to help them when they need you.

2. If your kid wears diapers and refuses to use the toilet, you can use a smart hack. Change their diapers at the toilet and ask them to do tasks like pulling down pants, tearing toilet paper, and flushing. When they’ll give it a shot, they may like it and be ready to do it again. Also, show them that you’re happy and excited for them.

3. Your child may be afraid of the big and loud toilet that you use at home. Well, in that case, you should get a potty with a seat insert for your infant. For further motivation, you can also decorate their toilet seat with Dora, Spiderman, or whatever character excites them.

4. When your kid’s using the toilet for the first time, you must expect accidents to happen. Instead of getting upset with them or punishing them, talk with them about it in a calm way. It may make the process easier for them and help them cope with this new everyday task.

5. Random rewards may make your child get excited about doing daily life tasks. It can also help you to train them in the right way. Instead of something bigger, you can choose small things to reward your infant every time they go. It can be stickers of their favourite cartoon characters or a simple “Good Job” from your mouth.

6. Set a schedule at home about the time your child goes most often. If you’re at home full-time, you can set this schedule as per your timing. But if you’re a working parent and your child spends their day at daycare, set the routine as per the centre’s routine. Inform them it’s almost the time just before the set schedule and encourage them to go daily.

7. Some kids hold their bowel movements until they get home or finish what they’re doing. Well, you must break this habit. How? Get them to the potty and ask them to read books they like the most. It’ll distract them and they may poop without realising it. Though it’s not a permanent solution, you should keep your cool until they become fully trained.

Can’t decide how to toilet train your toddler before sending them to a professional preschool in Liverpool? Well, using a few simple steps, it’s easy to potty train your kid. And we hope this article will help you with that.

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