An early step I take with my Platinum clients is to walk them through having a marketing conversation with potential clients so they quickly start to grow their business.

One of the effective strategies to set up that conversation is to send out a promotional email. You don’t need to feel you have to wait to get your website set up or start up an electronic newsletter; all of us have a list of people we can contact. And, if you don’t have clients, it’s one of the easiest ways to GET clients!

You’re probably wondering then HOW do you send out a promotional email? It’s very simple, if you follow these steps:

1. The first section should be some type of connection copy. Let the reader know that you understand what their problem is, so they start to think of you as the solution to the problem.

2. Then come up with a name for your call. It could literally be a ‘health strategy session’ or a ‘nutrition evaluation assessment’, or a ‘fitness profile’.

3. Now you want to list some benefits that answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” This list could include such things as ‘clarify your vision for….’, or ‘create key milestone objectives’ or ‘develop a plan’.

4. You next want to give them a reason why you are sending out the email. It honestly could be as simple as because you are growing your business and want to share about the services you have to offer! But people DO want to know why they’re getting that email from you now.

5. Now you must set up a sense of scarcity. This is not fake, though: If you want to have some marketing conversation phone calls, but only have certain times you can hold these, there’s your limitations! You might have 3 spots. So that’s your scarcity. However, remember that if something is not that available, it increases in value and sets up more interest.

6. Create a checklist next. This will make your offer more personal and tangible. You might not provide ALL on that checklist during your call, but it makes the reader realize that these are things you COULD help them with.

7. If you’re just trying to get ANYONE to take you up on your offer, setting up a questionnaire may not be a step you care to bother with right now. However, let’s say your time is really limited, and you don’t want to have a call with everyone on the planet. If that’s the case, this last step involves setting up a small questionnaire so you can pre-qualify people who are most likely to be interested in your services.

Sit down and write YOUR email right now! And then send it out within a week. And then have those marketing conversations and let me know how they go!

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Marjorie Geiser is a registered dietitian, certified personal trainer and life coach. Marjorie has been the owner of MEG Fitness, since 1996, and now helps other health professionals start up their own private practice. Marjorie's Just Jump Membership program is a coaching membership program that will provide you with the tools, motivation and resources you need to get your business up and running as soon as you want! The first month is free: