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Summer is one of the best times of year to get out and get some exercise. In addition to swimming and cycling, there are many great sports that are ideal for the summer season. If you want your kids to stay physically fit while having fun during the long, hot summer days, you can try introducing them to any of these seven sports.


Tennis is one of the best sports for training the body and developing better eye-hand coordination. There are likely tennis courts at parks or other facilities near where you live that are open to the public. As explains, both singles and doubles tennis can be played to encourage healthy competition with one another. You may even choose to sign your kids up for tennis lessons if they want to learn all the proper fundamentals of tennis and perhaps compete in official tournaments.


The game of golf isn’t just for retirees, and your children may have fun learning the fundamentals of swinging and putting as they try to get golf balls into each hole on a course. There are beginner classes for kids that teach children the proper techniques so that they can establish good habits from the beginning. If your kids aren’t crazy about the idea of playing golf on a traditional golf course, you can always take them to a miniature golf course that might be more fun for them.

Flag Football

Flag football offers a less-physical alternative to traditional tackle football. Instead of tackling, players on the defensive team try to remove a flag that’s worn by a player who has the ball on the other team. Flag football offers a great way to improve stamina along with throwing and catching techniques. Your kids can play the game with one another or join an official team that might be in your area.


Even though you might be uncomfortable about the idea of your kids shooting bows and arrows, archery can be a safe sport if the correct safety protocol is learned and the activity is conducted in a proper environment. Many bow and arrow shooting ranges offer archery lessons for kids along with age-appropriate rental equipment. If you have enough open space on your property, you can try setting up targets for your kids to practice after they’ve learned the correct fundamentals.


Baseball has long been a favorite pastime that’s popular among children and adults. Your kids can try joining a team or play baseball games with themselves and a few friends. There are usually several baseball fields that are located in most residential communities, so finding a place for your kids to play shouldn’t be difficult. If your kids get serious about the game, a baseball swing app can be used to help them perfect their swings of the bat and increase their chances of hitting balls with greater accuracy.

Inline Skating

Inline skates are designed with wheels that are in a straight line and can be used for a variety of activities. You can take your kids to a local roller rink or park to inline skate, or they can skate in your backyard if you have a paved surface that’s smooth. You’ll want to make sure that your children are wearing helmets, kneepads and other protective gear that can protect their bodies from injuries. After your kids have mastered the basics of inline skating, they may decide to start playing inline hockey or competing in races. It’s even possible to find inline skates on the market that are designed for figure skating on dry land.

Paddle Boarding

Learning how to paddleboard is relaxing as well as a good workout while moving through the water. Canoes and kayaks are among the best boats for paddling, and there are also stand up boards that can be paddled while standing. Paddle boards can be taken out on lakes, rivers or the ocean if water conditions are safe. If you want to introduce your kids to paddle boating, it’s important that they know how to swim properly first and wear lifejackets while aboard any watercraft.

Introducing your kids to any of these sports will give them the chance to try something different while possibly developing a new passion. These sports can be great summer pastimes that benefit children in many ways.

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