The significant effect of Pitra dosh is that you have to face some negative consequences which create a negative impact on your life. You will see that the marriage will get lots of hurdles and finally breaks up, which is considered as one of the negative impacts of Pitra dosh. If you get cheated by our close people is also a negative impact of Pitra dosh. Many times you see that works get deteriorated, and growth in the business get stopped. 

To remove the effects of Pitra dosh, take part in inauspicious events and donate some food or water on the name of your ancestors on Panchami Ashtami, Navmi, full moon and Amavasya. Go to the temple regularly to make your god happy and pour water on Lord Shiva of the name of your ancestors. Respect your elder members of the family and take their blessings. Wearing gemstones is also a good remedy for reducing the effects of Pitra dosh. Read this infographic to know some more remedies for removing Pitra Dosh.

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