For anybody who wishes to sell stuff online, a professional looking ecommerce website is absolutely essential. Not only does a well-designed ecommerce website display your products in an organized and easily searchable manner, it also makes your business look a lot more credible and legitimate.

Just like in any other business, in an online business too, there are certain things that should be kept in mind in order to achieve maximum success. Here are some important factors which are the key to creating a great ecommerce website.

No doubt, a picture is worth a thousand words. If your ecommerce website has several high resolution pictures for the products you are selling, the site visitor would be several times more likely to get converted into a buyer. The importance of having product photos cannot be emphasized enough and it is highly desirable that there also be alternate views and zoom features for the images in order to give a realistic and multidimensional view of the product. Products such as clothes, accessories, luggage, shoes, and electronic items are more likely to get sold if they have high quality pictures accompanying other selling information. For items such as clothing and ladies accessories/jewelry, it is also desirable to have pictures of the things being presented on mannequins in order to give a better picture of the wear ability of the product.

Customer Reviews:
It has been seen that certain products like home appliances products increase their sales several times over, when they have multiple customer reviews published on the ecommerce website. It makes sense to have as many as possible customer reviews of the products. It doesn’t matter if a few of them are negative or neutral since a mix of positive and negative feedback would make the reviews look more realistic and hence influence the buying decision of the visitor favorably. The buyer is usually intelligent enough to understand that “one size doesn’t fit all”, so most visitors may take the not-so-good reviews with the pinch of salt.

Good Product Description:
Detailed, well written product descriptions are probably one of the most important things to have on an ecommerce website. It helps the site in several ways. Not only does it improve the general look and feel of the site, it makes the site and products more searchable in the search engines. Additionally, it also helps the visitor in comparing different products in a comprehensive way.

Customer Support:
In this day and age, being reachable to the customer is an absolute no-brainer. When the visitor places an order on a site, he/she will want to know if the site owner will be reachable in some way after the purchase, in case the need arises. It makes sense to make the phone number and contact email id plainly visible on the site. If feasible, a live chat option should also be made available to the customer.

Email A Friend Option:
It is a simple publicity method that most ecommerce sites fail to utilize. Always remember to give your visitor or customer the option to share his product “find” with a friend or two.

Social Sharing Sites Buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest and so on):
Social sharing are the buzzwords today and it goes without even saying that all the right buttons should be there on any self-respecting ecommerce site.

Product Comparisons:
Like any other customer, our e-customer also likes to compare similar products offered by different brands before making a buying decision. It would make a lot of difference to the visitor’s browsing experience if the ecommerce site offered product comparisons. In fact, most visitors won’t even mind reading the recommendations of the “site expert”.

Remember, the easier we make it for the customer to buy, the sooner he/she will click the “BUY” button. The ecommerce website should make the decision easier and simpler for the visitor in order to get brisk and repeat business from its visitors.

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