7 Link Building Secrets to a Successful SEO
Ask an SEO professional and he shall tell you how important links are for a website to rank in the SERPs. High-quality websites that link back to your website create credibility in the eyes of Google. Although the Internet is built on links, the junky link building is only going to penalize you. Google is concerned about link building more than anything else, and so should you.

Different Ways to Perform Link Building:
You need to work hard to get your site positioned higher. Here are some of the techniques of the White Hat Link Building that will work the best for you.

1. Create Linkable Content
When writing a piece of content, make sure that the post is actionable and contains useful information which other websites can link to. Most of the bloggers and internet marketers look for references that can add value to their content. So, see that you share linkable content that shall help you in SEO via link building.

2. Create Infographics
Visuals are always in trend. People love content that is represented in the form of creativity as they are more concise and appealing. It won’t be a puff to say that infographics are one of the best ways to do super link building. This is why SEO experts invest more time in developing and publishing attractive infographics. They serve as a great link-bait method as being the best marketing tool for brand awareness. There are many good infographic submission sites too that will help you get a backlink to your sites.

3. Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is one of the best and genuine SEO link building methods. Try to publish unique, difficult to find data. Aim for high-quality websites that have high DA to get good traffic and engagement. Write articles as per their guidelines which will increase the chances of your content getting accepted. Also, have a good author bio to enhance your credibility as an author.
One way to let people read your publication is to figure out what type of content are your clients reading, and are interested in. Contribute there. Doing so not just lets you earn links but also helps to establish you as an expert within their industry.

4. Foster Relationships with Editors, Journalists & Contributors
Cultivate a good relationship with the journalists and contributors in your industry as well as those who align with your personality. You can begin by linking to their content, engaging them on social platforms, commenting on and sharing their posts. Once you develop a good rapport with these experts, you can ask them to share your piece of work on their wall or in their social circles.

5. Well Thought Internal Linking
Strategically thought internal link building is the top SEO strategy most digital marketing service providers use to enhance site usability. It helps your users to navigate to the most appropriate content for reading. Moreover, relevant internal linking from posts or pages informs the search engines that your site has co-related content which in turn boosts the site’s credibility. Doing so helps to pass the link juice to your blog. However, it is better to limit internal linking because overdoing can cause more harm than good.

6. Repurposing Archaic Content
Falling short of content? One of the best ways to keep your posts flowing is to add life to new content. Repurpose the old blogs or articles into infographics, Slide Share presentations, Pdfs, podcasts or videos and share it on related sites. This will help you to accelerate your SEO link building strategy. It also helps to reach more people while being an effective way of building links for your site. You will love to know that most multimedia sites allow a do-follow link in the description too.

7. ‘Best of’ or ‘Top’ type Content or Resource List
Listicles are mostly known to perform well. If you write any featured posts, there are high chances that people will link back to your post. So, compile a list of top 40 or top 100 of a place, person or thing, and create something worthwhile.
Also, remember to spread a word regarding your published post. Reach out to the audience/company that can benefit from your article so that they will link you back.
You can also create a resource list (something unique) that encompasses a list of everything anyone in your industry might ever need. Include adequate descriptions for each item, and appropriate images to make the list worth it.

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