When we talk about the stolen pictures of OnlineStars , a grandiose leak of erotic photos of naked celebrities, codenamed "The Fappening", immediately comes to mind. which just blew up the internet and made Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence super-famous. But this collection will include not only photos from that plum. We took this compilation seriously and tried to find the hottest pictures so you can enjoy the natural beauty of famous girls! Whether we succeeded, you can judge.

Kaley Cuoco

The star of the series "The Big Bang Theory" did not so often delight us with her erotic photographs, although in the series she plays the role of a sultry and liberated beauty. It seems that in life Kayleigh behaves more modestly, and starred only in a slightly erotic photo shoot for Maxim. How happy we were when her intimate photos from the iCloud account leaked to the network and became available to us mere mortals! As always, we have selected the best photo of them all, more photos of naked Kaley Cuoco on her page.

Kirsten Dunst

Another victim of a hacker attack, cutie Kirsten Dunst, who has repeatedly demonstrated her charms in the movies, so we did not see anything particularly new. But the photo is noteworthy, the actress's breasts are simply gorgeous! On the page with naked Kirsten Dunst you can find more intimate photos of a celebrity.

Scarlett Johansson

In 2011, the network was agitated by photos of Scarlett Johansson stolen by a hacker. As it turned out later, the "hero" was a certain Christopher Cheney, who paid dearly for his trick and is now serving a ten-year sentence. A tough price to pay for increasing the popularity of a Hollywood beauty, in our opinion. The entire personal photoset with naked Scarlett Johansson, which was intended for Scarlett's ex-husband Ryan Reynolds, you can see on the beauty page.

Kate Upton

Another victim of a hacker attack in 2015 - British model Kate Upton, her curvaceous shape excited the minds of millions of men around the world, it's great that now we can admire this beautiful celebrity in the nude. Nothing is known about Kate's reaction to the publication of these photos, but the girl's popularity has grown and allowed her to make more money. It is worth noting that before the girl was not shy, her erotic photosets were adorned with many magazines, and you can see all the photos with naked Kate Upton on our website.

Kim Kardashian

Here we come to the top 3 most juicy stolen personal photos! There is a lot of controversy about this picture, how it got into the network, whether Kim herself posted it, or it was stolen, but the essence of this does not change much. The photo is simply gorgeous, it shows naked Kim Kardashian standing in the bathroom making a selfie. Her breasts are simply outstanding, and what kind of ass ... but you will find out about this on her page.


Another mysterious photo, since it is not clear who the source of the stuffing is. But now we know everything about how naked Rihanna looks and she no longer has any secrets from us. Front and back views ... what more could you dream of?

Jennifer Lawrence

It is unlikely that this came as a surprise to you, because who else, if not Jennifer, can be in the first place of this collection of photos? Her photos were a real shock and decoration of "The Fappening"! Hardly anyone would have thought that Lawrence was such a hot thing, right? This is a vivid example of the saying "There are devils in a pure whirlpool" ... Rather, see more photos of naked Jennifer Lawrence, if you haven't seen it yet, or refresh your memory of this outstanding event.

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