Spa has been part of therapeutic healing and health maintenance over the ages. Today's spa originated from the ancient custom known as " Med Spa Green Valley " in the spectacular USA in Las Vegas spas.

Innovative new treatments and newer versions of old therapeutic treatments include the modern spa. As the spa industry continues to grow, today's spa-goes often requires a guide to the many professional services now available and advertised under the title "spa"
Below, we review the most popular types of spas available to you, what your common services are, and why they might be the best choice for your particular needs.

1. Wellness Spas
Wellness spas focus on holistic care, not only providing services to patients while they are there but also teaching them how to manage this internal healing on their own. Common sessions include an introduction to yoga and mind/body connection, maximum health and disease avoidance. Many of these are in Uptown, or downtown Dallas. Search for ads in Observer, Envy, or Paper City. If you're in Fort Worth, pick up Fort Worth Weekly.

2. Medical Spas
Medical Spas offer a variety of medical services offered by doctors, including laser hair removal, acne treatments, chemical facials, and other related services. There are several billboards with many of these types of spas along the Central Expressway in Dallas. Laser hair removal and botox are two of the most widely used DFW services of all spas combined.

3. Day Spas
Day spas are characterized by the duration of treatment and can be applied to many different types of spas that offer different services - although more often than not - a day spa refers to one that is for the purpose of pampering.

4. Mimo Spas
Mimos spas are probably the most common spas out there, which can be recognized in movies or other media. Mimos spas offer their customers a wide range of services and products to ensure they feel as rested and relaxed as possible. Common services include decadent foods, facials, massages, etc. Some spas specialize in these services, but many have them along with their other core services.

5. Health Spas
Health spas, though easily mistaken for wellness-centre spas in a health experience that is holistic and comprehensive, including exercise, healthy foods, meditation, and other health practices. Some may even call this a gym

6. Weight Loss Spas
Weight loss spas often stay in spas as they require a commitment to weight loss services offered there for an extended period of time, either for a weekend or a week. These clinics focus on offering exercise regimens and foods that promote weight loss in a healthy and detoxifying way. They can also specialize in body wraps. Once again, search local magazines like D Magazine, or the Observer.

7. Rehabilitation Spas
Another type of spa is a rehabilitation spa common to celebrities- characterized by offering a haven of a variety of stressors and addictions. This type of spa is a spa that incorporates a feeling of escape, while ensuring that only positive influences are present, while negative ones - such as addictions, stress, overwork, etc.) Is not part of the environment?

These eight types of spas cover virtually major Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas offerings. We're not all cowboy hats and barbecue hats. Take a break and enjoy what this city has to offer.

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