If you are just starting your online business, a six figure annual income may seem like an impossibility to you. Especially if you are just starting out and making just a few dollars (or less) a month. But, if you are willing to work, you CAN make a six figure annual income.

First, you’ve got to find a good product. If you are using ClickBank, look for a product that bills on a monthly basis so that you make money every month on each sale. In addition, find a product with a Gravity of at least 70, priced at about $97, and with a minimum payout of 50% or more. On this type of item you will make $48 on the initial sale and $48 each month thereafter. The recurring payment feature is important to your success. One good product that satisfies all of these criteria is Maverick Money Maker!

On each sale, you will make a total of $576 over the course of the next twelve months. In order to generate a six figure annual income you need to make a sale of this product every other day. So, how can you do this? Obviously, it will require a little work. But a good 6 step game plan follows:

1. Write and submit articles daily regarding the problems that this product solves.

2. Create and submit at least 2 videos a week on the problems that the product solves. Ideally, some of your videos should show you using the product to solve the problem. Videos that offer proof convert quite well.

3. Do a number of press releases on the problems that your product solves. Try to focus your press releases on new and exciting solutions.

4. Visit large forums related to your product’s niche and engage in conversations related to your product. Make sure your signature links to the product that you're promoting.

5. Write short ebooks on the problems that your product solves. Make sure you point out why your product is needed and how it solves a problem. Explain that your product is the perfect solution and include links to it.

6. Create a blog on the topic of the problem and feature your product as the solution. Mention the problem in frequent posts and always include links to your product. Discuss how people have benefited by using your product.

Using the above techniques every day, you should be able to generate 3 to 4 sales a week. That works out to a sale every other day. And doing that kind of work, do the math and see for yourself; it amounts to a very nice six figure annual income with money to spare. So, instead of complaining that you are not making money, get to work. Put this plan into action and generate your own six figure annual income. As you can see, making one sale every two days is as simple as getting rid of all of your excuses, and then getting to work.

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