Is your website stuck at the bottom of the search engines? Are you needing more search engine traffic and seeking to improve your search engine rankings? Here are 5 no fail strategies for improving your search engine optimization and therefore your rankings.

1. Start writing articles. Even if you hate to write, these really are a must if you are going to improve your rankings. Writing even just a few articles and posting them in some article directories with your URL at the bottom as a part of a bio box will do wonders for your website.
2. Take a close look at your meta tags. This includes your title and head tags. If you need help figuring out what to include take a look at the meta tags for some other websites which have higher rankings for your desired keywords.
3. Take a close look at how the keywords in your meta tags stack up against the keywords inside your site. This is very important. Your meta tag keywords need to also be present in the content of your site. It is also important to create links within your site using your keywords. Putting some of your keywords in bold can also help.
4. Make sure your site has real content. This includes articles, links to other sites, links to other pages within your site and real useful information, not just ads or promotional material.
5. Start a blog. You can either create a traditional one using a program such as blogger or wordpress or create a lens or many lenses at The search engines love these and as long as you make sure to include a link to your site on these, your SEO will improve. You also need to make sure that you keep these updated on a regular basis.
6. Be patient. I know it's easy to get impatient, but attaining a high ranking website takes time and no amount of money or work will make the process any quicker.

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