Strong values and strong family units go together. The creed of faith often lends itself to convictions and loyalties that are appealing and longstanding. The legacies of faith and family are top priorities. Read on for six ways faith can assist in bolstering families during all seasons of life.

In a time when life often seems distracted and disjointed, faith traditions provide a stable constant. These holiday rituals involve focus and intention and create bonds and anticipation that continue on year after year. While these traditions may also involve additional time and effort, they are well worth the sacrifice! Even at times when families are not logistically together, they are together in spirit as they recollect traditions of the past.

Rites of passage are important parts of the faith tradition. Some celebrations involve not only vows, but also beautiful garments. For example, LDS Temple Dresses are a beautiful reminder of the wedding celebration. These family heirlooms are sure to be treasured and create a bond of faith and remembrance. Strong marriages are essential for healthy families, and always worth devotion and attentiveness. Husbands and wives do well to model patterns of blessing one another and respecting one another. Children are always watching and observing and the home they grow up in sets the stage for their future lifelong relationship.

Whether prayers are spoken out loud or only in the heart, they are a communal family action. Prayers can be spoken before meals or in faith services. Prayers can be spoken for family members who are present or those separated by geography. It is an action parents can model and pass along to children as they pray both with and for them. It's a wonderful way for households to encourage and support each other and also to support extended family members and friends. Prayer also affords a way to ward off temptation and wrong doing.

Faith and service are interrelated and service projects create additional time spent together working on a common goal. Any joint activity done in service to others in the name of faith offers a wonderful way to connect and better the lives of others while doing so. It is a great way to use personal gifts wisely and creates memorable experiences.

Reading Together
Families who read together attain a level of community that is hard to match. Scripture reading is part of the faith tradition and family members of all ages can read and study together. The more time spent reading together, the more time spent likely discussing ideas and topics together. Increased interaction is a vital part of healthy family communication and dynamics. Reading and talking together can occur at planned intervals as well as naturally throughout the days and weeks.

Practical Application
As families read together, attend faith services together, serve, and pray together they have endless opportunities to practically apply and live out important life skills and principles. Every day there are new chances to choose unselfishness and compassion to various members of the family. Even when mistakes are made, atonement and forgiveness can be sought after. Practical application is necessary for all family members, and each day fortunately offers new grace and new chances to try this out.

Faith and families are invaluable. Take some time to evaluate the role of faith in your family and to look for more ways to make life choices based on faith principles. The family home is a refuge from stress and a haven for communicating and living in a way that gives life, hope, and renewal to all involved.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer from Sacramento, California. A mother of two, Hannah enjoys writing on blogs of all niches.