Choosing a flower bouquet might well be one of the most difficult decisions while planning a wedding. The process is equally tiring for both bride and the florist. There are so many options in the florist shop that the bride's head starts spinning. Similarly, the florist always gets overwhelmed by the demands of the bride. So, here in this article, we have summed up some flower bouquet styles for Kettering florists that they can use to show their customers their creative minds. 

Hand-tied bouquet 

It might just be the most picked bouquet from Kettering florists. It is simply made up of flowers bound with a ribbon. So, it has a classical look to itself due to which most brides end up picking it. It is easy to make and flexible to design. A wide variety of flowers can be used in it as it simply involves grouping flowers with stems together and then tying them with ribbon. Most of the brides prefer to have just 3-4 such flowers in their hand. 

Cascade bouquet 

It is one of the bouquets that offers the most classical look of all floral bouquets available. In this, the flowers are arranged in a way that it appears that the flowers are flowing out of the hands of the bride. It is a very extravagant bouquet and is quite large in size.

The Kettering florists do offer some modern versions of this bouquet that are relatively smaller in size and are known as train or teardrop bouquets. Kettering florists have been trying to become more creative with it. They are trying to give it a more rustic look. This bouquet will remain in fashion for a long time to come and would manage to keep its wow factor. 

Round bouquet 

This is the most versatile flower bouquet that is offered by Kettering florists. In this bouquet the flowers are arranged in a circular pattern, a sheet is used to cover up the stems, and then it is tied with a ribbon. Usually, flowers of a single color are used to make a bouquet of this type.

So, this gives the florists plenty of flexibility to alter the color of the flowers in the bouquet according to the demand of the customer. This bouquet type has remained in style for about several centuries and chances are that it will never go out of style. 

Nosegay bouquet 

It is a bouquet that has always been liked by floral lovers especially girls who find it attractive. This is the reason that the nosegay bouquet has always been used as a throw bouquet in weddings. This bouquet is relatively smaller in size as compared to other bouquets offers by Kettering florists. While designing this bouquet the goal is to show maximum greenery. The stems of the flowers are simply wrapped with a ribbon or lace. 

Hoop/wreath bouquet 

The hoop bouquet is a relatively new market. They have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Especially the new boho theme of these bouquets has been very popular among people around the world. They are a multi-purpose bouquet and can be used for a wide variety of functions. They also offer a lot of flexibility to floral artists. 

Biedermeier bouquet 

It is a modern version of the round-shaped bouquet. The flowers are arranged in round-shaped. The colors in the bouquet keep on varying. They are usually used for weddings that are high in style as they provide a very lavish look. With a little bit of creativity, this floral bouquet can become an excellent feature of a floral shop. 

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