The next time you intend to seek job or job change, ask yourself “What might a recruiter search for in an ideal applicant? It is the only educational qualification?” It is definitely not only education that is an important factor for a recruiter but relevant skill set as well. Skill-set becomes even more important in case of lateral hiring. This is why it’s sometimes important to earn certifications in your field. Certification provides identification of competency, proves commitment to the job, and assists with job advancement. This becomes highly essential for an analyst in the field of data science/analytics.

As there are lot of companies who are in search of professionals with specific skill sets like knowledge of SAS.  You can obtain SAS certification by joining Best SAS training Institute in Noida.  Given below are the benefits of getting SAS certified:

Proof of Knowledge-

Certification is proof of your knowledge. As of now, SAS is ruling the market, so gaining SAS certification is definitely going to help you in getting a job. Banks and many MNCs use SAS as their primary analytics and data mining tool.


When you obtain a SAS credential, you also receive a digital badge, which you can share documenting your attainment. The SAS Certification surely highlights your CV. It helps in distinguishing people who pretend to know SAS from those who actually know it. During interviews, many candidates read the basics superficially and claim to know the tool. At times, they are able to crack interview, but unable to deliver when employed. Certification helps recruiter to be sure that the candidate they are hiring actually knows SAS.

Learn as you earn

SAS Certification in your current line of work can improve your income without even paying a visit to a traditional classroom. Getting certified in your domain  and also in R by joining best R Programming training institute in Noida enables you to gain experience in your sector while working towards a better growth prospect. Business Analyst professionals can move ahead in their careers while in their current employment.



Practical Oriented with focus on Job

Another advantage of taking SAS certification is that its curriculum is very job-focused. Unlike many other credentials which are mostly academics oriented, SAS credentials are practical with focus on the job requirements. So, this certification and project-based training gets you job-ready. For this precise reason, SAS is widely recognized as role-based-learning opposed to knowledge-based learning.

Versioned and no expiry of Certificate

SAS has now stated to provide versioned credential. If you are certified in SAS 8, the certification will clearly state version 8. Also, with newer capabilities and features adding to newer version, it ensures it communicates correctly the expertise the candidate was assessed and certified. Further there is no expiry of the certification and Industrial training in Noida. It is always valid!

Globally Recognized

SAS Certification credentials are globally acknowledged. Across more than 120 countries in the world, there is an excess of 1 Lakh certified individual. SAS Certification credentials are very valued by business organizations, academicians and educational institute. SAS also offers good discounts for students, academic staffs. This has ensured wide variety of people being certified and recognizes it.


Analytics professionals are growing significantly day by day. Not only is there a steep rise in the job opportunities but, there is well paying and respectable jobs in the global market for anyone who is a SAS certified. A SAS certification provides a definite measure of the individual’s skills and at the same time adds marketability and credibility to the professional expertise. Thus, by taking the Winter Training in Noida  you will not only enhance your knowledge but also increase your demand in the market giving you good chances of growth and stability. 

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