Having worked with countless start-ups and small to medium sized businesses, I must say that SEO has been the lifeline of survival. SEO has helped increase sales and generate new revenues for these businesses in a cost effective way that provides a positive ROI. Nowadays, businesses “Do or Die” depending on how effectively they are able to connect with their customers online. If you’re not investing is SEO, you are missing out on many business opportunities.


1. Why waste money on a beautiful informative Website if your customers can’t find it? If you have a website, SEO is the fundamental driver of it. If people can’t find your website in their online search, then your business doesn’t exist to them. You are wasting your money building a website that your customer base can’t find.

2. Your customers are online and they are using Google. Your existing customers will question the integrity of your business if you are not found in their online searches. If you want to be found by your customers then you need to SEO your website. Your lack of Search Engine Optimization is sending customers to your competition.

3. Your Competition is Search Engine Optimized, You Need to Be Too! In order to be ahead of your competition SEO is a must. SEO empowers your website with the opportunity to increase your conversion rate and grab a larger piece of the “online pie”. Your lack of action is in effect a surrender to your competition. Through SEO, even new start-up businesses are given an opportunity to compete with the big giants.

4. SEO helps your business connect to those who are already in “Buying Mode”. Unlike traditional advertising such as Print Ads, TV, and Radio, when your website is Search Engine Optimized you are generating “HOT” leads, ones who are actively seeking your products or services. SEO is a far more targeted approach, generating leads that turn to paying long term customers.

5. SEO has longevity. With paid channels such as PPC and Google Ads, your visibility is tied to your budget. Once your budget is expended, your company will stop appearing in online searches. SEO is an ongoing process in multiple formats that serves to improve organic search presence. This will in time provide the ultimate in long term longevity when it comes to online search optimization.

6. SEO is one of the most powerful digital marketing channels available in terms of Return On Investment (ROI). It is the one online facet that gives you the opportunity for continuous ROI improvement. Monthly costs are nominal in comparison to the opportunity to generate sales and build branding. A well-planned SEO campaign will see Monthly costs recouped early and the rest is pure profit for your company.

Now that we have provided you with a strong sense as to why SEO is the lifeline of Small to Medium Sized Businesses, it’s time that we work on boosting your ranking so you can become visible to your customers. Your customers are searching for you Online, make sure they can find you!!

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