It is said that art has the power to change this world, and this is not wrong. Also, if we prolong this statement with another argument that nothing is complete without art, this won’t be wrong either. This is because art is a subject that reflects and imbibes the souls into the perpetuity.

Also, if we compare science with art, we see that no science project or invention is complete without the touches and traces of art. You know that even if we are heading towards owning something digital if the design doesn't grab attractions, we never chose that digital stuff. Here, the design is art because art is the sensual object that makes a design to be created.

Reasons art is important

Moving on, if we develop reasons why art is important for the development of technology, we will have to look upon the smidgens in history.

Relation of science and art

First reason, I want to state here in the relation of science and art and why these are integral for the survival of each other is the technicians around the world blessed with the aesthetical sense that helps them to develop and invent technology. Have you seen computer experts, software developers, scientists and inventors, how do they start their work? Well, of course before anything they conceive the idea of making, developing, and/or inventing. Where this idea came from? Well, of course through aesthetics and aesthetics is what leads you towards art (Koffler & Nicolls, 1965).

Using neon lights

The second reason that relates to the intimacy between art and development of technology is the invention of using neon in the light. First, the acetylene torch, as everybody knows, was invented to use in the field of construction but when artists like Giacometti, Brancusi, and Henry Moore who used neon in lights and later made sculpture making in synthetic fabric possible.


The third reason is connected to the most famous tool of artists, paint. The invention of paint was of course for artists, and the aesthetics of artists have developed the paints in different tones. Later it became the reason for the technological advancement to color the virtual reality like the real world and nature. That is why STEM vs STEAM Education system has been compared on various platforms.


The fourth reason that supports my idea that art is important for the development of technology is the invention of the kaleidoscope. There are hundreds and millions, in fact, an infinite number of patterns that are created in a kaleidoscope just with the use of some traces of lights. Who gave birth to this kaleidoscopic technology? Well, of course, art.

Invention of camera

The fifth reason to argue here is the invention of the camera to produce videos and images so that can be kept in a memorial shelf or album for, forever. Now, can you imagine to use a camera without using your aesthetics? Can you capture mind grabbing photos when you lack the artistic sense? Well, of course not, so here a most advanced optical device just has no use if it is not directed with aesthetics and art.

Optical illusion

Sixth and last reason to prove my statement that Art is Important for the Development of Technology is the invention of optical illusions. These optical illusions or virtual reality breached technology has no use if an artistic mind is not working behind the scene. No matter how advanced tools or gadgets you use to create a virtual reality experience, still if it is not connected to art, then it is not going to create hype, or I should say attain attention.

In the light of arguments mentioned above, we can conclude that when people think arts and science as the poles apart niches, they are mistaken, because none of them is complete without each other, and the traces of history and modern inventions have proved it.

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