Desynchronosis is more commonly known as jet lag. When you dream about taking a tour to an exotic destination around the world, you never think of the jet lag. It's the demon of traveling and it possesses all who take trips. Jet lag leaves you with heavy limbs, an unexcitable state of mind, and a prolonged sense of exhaustion and disorientation.

We have a couple of suggestions for how you can fight jetlag and not let it overcome you:

1. Don’t Overwork Yourself Before Departure

There’s a lot of hustle and bustle before you’re about to leave. The preparation is always exciting but it can be very stressful. Given this, Greg Geronemus, the co-CEO of smarTours, advises his clients to be in a relaxed state before the plane takes off.
“Avoid a hectic last night or a bon-voyage party. Plan as if you're leaving two days before you really are.”

2. Sleep On the Plane

Sleep is the solution to every calamity. If you’re stressed out, you can sleep it away. If you’re going insane with wicked thoughts, just go to sleep and wash them out of your system. In the same way, if you happen to have a really long flight, skip the movie and sleep instead. You’ll be very alert when you reach your destination and sure, it’s not as comfortable as a bed, but it’s very energizing nonetheless.

3. Avoid Alcohol

The longer your flight is, the more water you should consume.. When possible, avoid the free alcohol too. When you have alcohol on the plane, you’ll likely feel drowsy and it will make you dehydrated – ultimately ending in jetlag.

4. Get Some Exercise

When you arrive at your destination, try getting some exercise. Exercise will wear you out physically, but it also will get your body functioning right. When you go to sleep afterwards, you'll be restored physically and mentally.

5. Soak Up the Sunshine

When you’ve gotten an adequate amount of sleep, try getting as much sunshine as you can. The more sunlight you bathe in, the more your melatonin levels will fall and make you feel less drowsy. An absence of light causes a rise in melatonin which makes you feel sleepy. A UCLA sleep expert determined the ideal way to go about this: if the traveler is going westward, maximize exposure to light in the evening; if the traveler is going eastwards, maximize exposure to light in the morning.

6. Change Your Watch

Switch to the time zone of the country you're traveling to because it will psychologically trick your brain into adjusting to the new order and you'll automatically forget the schedule you follow at home.

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