Interviews can always be a bit stressful and that is okay! It means you really want to do well and that is the first step to having a good interview. Below, are some tips to overcome the interview jitters.

Night Before the Interview:

  1. Interview Prep: Be sure to do some interview prep prior. You can visit our site for interview prep or interview with a friend, family member or neighbor!
  2. Interview Checklist: It is important to complete a “night before the interview checklist” so you can have a full night sleep. A full night sleep means no worrying and no worrying means you are prepared.
  3. Rest:If you completed the first two bullet points, this is easy. Sleep is the most important aspect to a good interview. You do not want to be yawning in your interview or have puffy eyes. Get a full night’s sleep to have a great start to your interview.

Day of the Interview:

  1. Big Breakfast:You should not go to the interview hungry, so do not skimp on this one. Make sure you eat a full breakfast the morning of. Eggs are the best as it has been scientifically proven to increase the amount of connections (synapses) in your brain. Also, you do not want to be that person with a growling stomach in the interview.
  2. Arrive Early and Get Pumped Up:. It is important to plan to be at the interview at least 15 minutes early; it gives you time to collect your thoughts and calm down. Once you arrive, get pumped up! This is the job you want. Time to be excited and show them how much you want it! We cover this topic here in further detail.
  3. Smiling: Scientists have proven that if you smile when you talk you will be happier. As you are walking into that interview, put a smile on. Forget everything else that happened before walking in and show them that you are happy to be there. Even when you are in the interview, be sure to smile. Interviewers take note of the small things and it makes them happy to see that you really want to be there or that you really want the job.

Above are just a few tips that can help you overcome the jitters. We discuss this topic in more detail here. No matter what though, overcoming interview stress comes down to one thing: Confidence. Confidence in yourself that you are the best and this company only wants you. Many of today’s interviewers are looking for confidence in everyone at all levels. Confidence is defined as, “The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust”. Lets reword the definition to fit interviewing. Confidence: The feeling or belief that an interviewer or hiring manager can rely on you; firm trust in you.

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