Traveling, when you decide to go outside of your home country, can teach you a lot about life. You'll meet new people, experience new cultures and learn about an entirely new way of life. You'll also get to try authentic cuisine and visit beautiful places

Traveling can be a transformative experience, and it allows you to explore with a free spirit.

When I choose to visit another country, there’s always something to learn and experience. A few of the life lessons that I learned when traveling are:

1. Appreciation for the Little Things

When you go to Italy, you’ll experience an entirely new level of customer service. Chefs may come to ask if you liked a meal, and servers actually attend schools to become servers. There is a sense of pride in everything people do in other countries.

And it makes you appreciate people even more.

Traveling is rewarding, and when you tip, you’ll add a few extra dollars for the courteous waiter that is feeding his family or that has devoted his life to his career.

2. My Problems are Small

The world is vast, and in retrospect, my major problems are rather small. People are living in huts or have little to eat, yet they’re generous and excited to see tourists. When you pass a poor village on a train or stay near the village, you’ll quickly see that the major problems that people face in developed countries are nothing in comparison to what these poorer regions face.

3. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you only stay in your comfort zone, you’ll never evolve as a person and grow. You will find that traveling allows you to break out of your comfort zone and really push your boundaries. It's safe to say that traveling teaches you to expand your mind and how you act towards others drastically.

4. Food Really Brings People Together

Food brings people together, and I have met countless people along my travels simply because we sat down and ate a meal together. When language barriers exist, food is the one universal language.

5. Life is Meant to be Enjoyed

I’m a victim of the rat race, working endless hours and focusing on how fast I can get a task completed. Traveling helped me understand that life is meant to be enjoyed. Other cultures allow for breaks in the middle of the day, and dinners are major events where people sit down, talk and can easily spend a few hours chatting from one portion to the next.

6. Being Alone is Really Nice

A lot of people are afraid to be alone. It's common for humans to want to gather together and spend time together, but we’re stuck in a world where we’re afraid to be alone. People won’t even go to the café for a cup of coffee and sit down if they’re alone.

When you’re traveling in a country that you don’t know and people speak a language you don’t understand, you learn how resilient you really are. You can handle life’s problems on your own, and it’s often nice to tackle some of these problems alone.

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