Every business wishes to reach the pinnacle of success. But, most are not able to survive the rigorous demands of the changing business environment. One thing that can help your business to sustain and grow is promotional giveaways. 8 in 10 people give a freebie to someone else without even thinking of keeping it for themselves.

While any freebie is wonderful for your client, by giving customised t-shirts and jackets can have far-reaching benefits. If you can provide something which is wearable as a promotional gift it can add functional value to your customer’s lives. If you select the right custom t-shirt, obviously your customers are going to wear it again and again. This is the best way to market your brand wherever you go.

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If you want to popularise your brand, employ a creative promotional strategy to win over new customers through which it is possible to motivate them to spread the word about your business.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have provided information pertaining to customised t-shirt and jacket promotional ideas that will help you to expand your business in the current year.

We promise after reading this piece of information you will positively indulge in developing your own customised t-shirt and jacket.

Let’s now divert our attention to customised t-shirt and jacket promotional ideas to implement in the year 2019.

Give custom t-shirts or custom jackets while pitching in new clients

In case, you sell expensive products or work with high-value clients it is about time to give a personal touch to the pitch meetings by giving custom t-shirts or custom jackets to the prospective clients. If you want to create a first-time positive impression on your clients this promotional strategy can do wonders to making them on your side. This is particularly true when it comes to B2B clients who are looking for vendors they can trust to look out for their interests. By showing compassion and appreciation from the start it is possible for you to differentiate you from your competitors.

It is an excellent way to target inactive customers

It becomes very important for an organisation to sustain healthy relationships with customers who were once regular spenders. When they become inactive it hurts the business the most. Sometimes it makes them sway to the competitors in the search for better deals. Other times they are too busy with their lives and lose interest in your product.

In both situations, it becomes critical to renew relationships by depicting customers the value for their business. By sending customised t-shirts and customised jackets along with flyer or catalogue with the upcoming deals to the inactive customers who have a frequent purchase record might make them interested in your products or services. With the help of such a personalised promotion, it is possible to boost the response rate and make customers think twice about going to the competitors.

Email a welcome packet with a custom t-shirt to event attendees

If you are attending a tradeshow or another business event find out whether the nearby hotels accept packages for attendees and hold them until check-in. Get adequate information about the attendees well in advance. Next, send them an email with a welcome packet along with a complimentary customised t-shirt or jacket. If you know where the key attendees are staying this way you can break the ice and have a chance to create a first good impression in their minds before they meet anyone else. Many people would be pleasantly surprised with this amazing gesture.

Always remember to use these freebies as a starting point to attract more customers. The welcome package you send should encourage the recipients to stop by your booth. During this moment ensure that you speak about a key product solution or about the giveaway you are planning to give.

Distribute customised t-shirts and jackets at sponsored events

Sponsor a business event or organise a charity which would definitely put you in a respected position. This way attendees will also associate positive feelings about your brand. Inquire from the event coordinator whether it is possible for you to print custom t-shirts including event branding as a part of the sponsored event. Remember, people like to have something as a remembrance from the events that they attend. This is your chance to promote your brand by making the attendees wear your t-shirts. Always ensure to give the t-shirts early in the event to get the maximum brand exposure for your business.

Include complimentary customised t-shirts and jackets with a new and flagship product as a bonus

Irrespective of whether you are promoting a new or flagship product if you include customized t-shirts and jackets as a bonus gift it is highly likely to encourage your customers to make future purchases.

Cater to niche audiences or activities

The whole point of distributing promotional customised t-shirts and Custom Jackets is to provide functional value to your customers. It is specifically tailored to meet their specific requirements. For example, if your target audience looks to play golf. By offering them customised polo t-shirts and jackets with your company logo can go a long way in making them support your brand while playing golf.

Always try to check the advantageous trends that can assist you to impress your customers. Find out whether they are sporty, casual, stylish, youthful or mature. If you find that your target audience is primarily women it is possible for them to prefer V-necks instead of crew necks. If there are any pet owners they would look to get customised t-shirts and jackets highlighting the popular dog and cat breeds. Hence, it becomes very important to learn about the taste of your target audience and then decide on a customised t-shirt and jacket design that you want to apply.

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