Malaysia has such an array of wonderful things to offer that it has now become a common international destination. You may have decided on a couple of destinations, but the ones that are lesser known can give you a more unique experience.

In this article, we have listed a few less-frequented, equally beautiful places you ought to visit on a trip to Malaysia. Whenever you look for Malaysia packages for holiday, make sure you get these on your itinerary. They are just as important as those regular ones!

6 Must Visit Places In Malaysia:

1. Terengganu – Gem Island:

To begin with, an island that is already been titled the ‘Gem’, Gem Island in Terengganu is unquestionably a spot that will blow your mind. Though it isn't generally known among usual travelers as it is privately owned, this island will give you a totally fascinating get-away.
From its marine life to its clear blue water and entrancing coral reefs, this island has everything. Since it's less mainstream than Pulau Redang and other islands in vicinity, you won't need to stress over a crowd full of people when you arrive here.

2. Miri:

In case you're considering passing through Malaysia' Sarawak area, try to stop by Miri, a frequently overlooked spot with a beautiful view. The tranquility you will experience here is otherworldly. Miri has an array of activities that travelers can try, for example, diving and national park trails.

3. Sabah's Water Village:

For whatever length of time that you are in Malaysia, if you have sufficient time to discover its wonders, one place you need to have in your list is Sabah's water hamlet, Sipadan.
The design of the little houses, following Bajau architecture, with a tatted rooftop and other noteworthy highlights, make this little resort village extraordinary. You can participate in engaging activities like scuba diving, and you will definitely get at marvel at the exotic oceanic life.

4. Temper Park Rainforest Resort:

Temper Park Rainforest Resort is in Selangor, which is just a short drive from Kuala Lumpur. The Temper Park Rainforest resort will offer you an entrancing 360-degree view of the woods, allowing you to reconnect with nature and appreciate harmony and peacefulness. As it is not so far from the capital, Kuala Lumpur, you ought to book the rooms here for a couple of night to stay at this retreat when visiting Malaysia.

5. Kapas Island:

This is a beautiful island off the east coast of Malaysia. The island is a standout amongst the islands in Malaysia as is blessed with numerous excellent beaches and rich wildlife and beautiful woods. However, there's little else to do here other than hiking and lazing on the beautiful shoreline. The most famous choice of accommodation here is Captain's Longhouse where you will truly appreciate the one of a kind experience. Meet the Captain, hang out in lounges and hammocks or enjoy by the bar. Simply unwind throughout the day until the dusk hits the ocean coloring it up like a rainbow.

6. Balik Pulau:

Called the secret garden of Penang, Balik Pulau gained fame for its Durians but it certainly has more to offer. If a kampung vacation is what you want, Balik Pulau is an ideal destination. You can check out the traditional Malay houses, try Hakka food at Hakka Village, Or enjoy Penang laksa.

These less frequented places are unquestionably the ones that will wow you when you arrive in Malaysia - ensure that you add them to your best places-to-see list. So, look through all Malaysia packages for holiday in such a way that you do not have to pass up any of these hidden gems.

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