It has been difficult to do sports, but have not also got the desired body shape or even suffered an injury? Lest it happens because without realizing you made a few mistakes during sports.

Exercise has many benefits, including to maintain weight, get the desired body shape, increase stamina, reduce the risk of disease and maintain mood . To get all these benefits, let's know what mistakes you need to exercise.

Various Mistakes That May Be Made when Exercising

There are some mistakes you might make while exercising, so that you don't reach your intended weight or even get injured, including:

  1. Wrong technique

Before starting sports, it is important to learn the right techniques first. Including when you do sports in the gym . In addition to preventing you from reaching your targets, doing the wrong exercise technique will also increase your risk of injury. If you couldn’t able to afford for trainer there are some best body building apps which will teach you correct technique for working out

  1. Excessive exercise

Another mistake you might make is to exercise excessively. Excessive exercise can actually make you tired and increase the risk of muscle injury.

The ideal duration of exercise is 150-250 minutes per week or 20-35 minutes per day. Do not forget to also be consistent in exercising so that the maximum results.

  1. Types of exercise that do not vary

Doing the same exercise can make you get bored with exercising faster. This risks making you become inconsistent in exercising, so it never reaches your target body weight or body shape you want to achieve. For that, you are encouraged to do variations of exercise or sports every few times.

  1. Not paying attention to food consumed

Besides doing varied sports, eating nutritious foods is also no less important to reach your targets when you exercise. You can also adjust food to your goal of doing sports. Try to count the number of calories you need to increase or reduce weight.

  1. Lack of rest

After doing strenuous exercise for several days, don't forget to give your body a short break. Rest is needed so that the body is able to repair muscle cells after exercising. This is useful for making your body always fresh and ready for the next exercise.

You can also fill your break time by doing light exercise which involves stretching many muscles, such as swimming or yoga .

  1. Excessive targets

Creating targets that are beyond your ability will only make you frustrated and reluctant to exercise. Make targets that fit your abilities, lifestyle, and commitment.

Exercising has various health benefits for the body, but avoid the above exercise mistakes. Exercising in the right way can help you get the benefits of exercise optimally. If you have special health conditions, consult your doctor about sports that fit your body's conditions and needs.


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