A common definition of procrastination is: “Putting off or avoiding doing things you feel you should be doing.” Procrastination creates guilt and generates unnecessary stress.

Eliminating procrastination will create peace of mind, generate feelings of achievement, and remove stress.

So why do so many people fall into the continued merry go round of guilt and stress because they feel they procrastinate? Because they do not understand that procrastination is governed by what they think they “Should” be doing, which is one of the most destructive words in the English language. 

People have full control over their feelings of procrastination, which they can easily eliminate, if they want to.

Let’s define the word “Should.” When someone tells you that you “Should” do something their real message is “I want you to do something that benefits me at your expense” For example, if someone tells you that you “Should” send them $1,000.00 to protect the ruby throated jack rabbit. Their real message is “I want you to send me $1,000.00, costing you $1,000.00.” They “win” and you “lose.”

The word “Should” as used in procrastination is the self-talk between our conscious-rational selves telling our subconscious genuine selves that we “Should” be doing something. Thus, when a person allows their conscious self to tell their subconscious self what they “Should” be doing they cannot win. In order for their conscious self to “win” their subconscious self must “lose”

Our rational conscious self is governed almost exclusively by OUTSIDE forces. When you let the “Should’s” tell your inner self what it “Should” be doing, you impose outside forces on yourself, but do not know it.

Here are the six (6) easy steps you can take to completely eliminate procrastination.
And remove the feelings of guilt and stress that come with it.

1. Discover and clarify exactly what your subconscious self really wants to do and not do. Discover and clarify you own deep priorities, your own self-imposed obstacles (The things you do not want to do) and your passions. Discover real self-awareness.

2. Replace the word “Should” in all of your own self-talk with the word “Want.” By doing so you eliminate the control of the outside forces and you take control of your choices, and more importantly you avoid the world of procrastination. Go ahead, pick something you normally procrastinate and now tell yourself you want to do it, but on your own terms. Immediately you will feel a sense of relief and control.

Yet, there are just some tasks that you dislike doing that you determined would be best for you to perform yourself, because not doing so would create worse consequences. We face many of these every day. Using the 4 discipline based steps below will not only make it much easier, but will maximize your positive results.

The four additional steps to complete undesirable, yet mandatory activities without procrastination

3. Discover which activities you dislike performing, whether consciously or subconsciously that you feel must be performed by you. Be sure you really are the best person to perform these activities, knowing that you have a strong distaste for doing so, and that this conflict might reduce your capacity to produce the most favorable results you would want.

4. Create ways to avoid as many of the activities you dislike, that others can perform better, so you do not burden yourself with unnecessary stresses, and self-criticism.

5. Organize the timing and places to perform the activities you do not like but decided you must perform anyway in a manner that best suits your priorities and conditions, to allow you to perform these undesirable activities as quickly and effectively as possible.

6. Celebrate the completion of these “must do distasteful tasks” every time. Reward yourself with positive events that are associated with their completion, which will enhance your desire to initiate performing them the next time.

For example, I despise submitting my annual IRS tax returns. Yet, I have not felt the guilt of procrastination from dealing with my IRS returns in over 15 years, and I have always met the IRS requirements completely and on time. How? I set up my books so that I can accurately create my annual Profit and Loss numbers for the previous year, very quickly and easily once the calendar year has completed. I then set aside about 4 hours during the first weekend of January, to organize and verify all of my money transaction during the year to produce my Profit and Loss and cash statements. I deliver these records to my chosen CPA soon thereafter, which I celebrate, as I have now completed my chosen part in this dislikable process.

You too can enjoy and thrive in a guilt-free, stress-free NON-Procrastination Zone

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Provided as an educational service by Bill Dueease of The Coach Connection, where our goal is that you enjoy and thrive in all three of your lives without guilt, conflict or a feeling of procrastination. You may contact Bill at 800-887-7214, 239-415-1777, coachconnection by SKYPE, bill@findyourcoach.com, or http://findyourcoach.com