Everyone wants to have a voice, and have their opinions heard and acknowledged. This can be difficult, due to the fact that everyone wants to have their opinions heard, and a lot of the time, no one wants to listen! We may find ourselves in a situation with a group of outspoken people and our voice gets drowned out. So how do we make sure we are heard in that business meeting or the crowded dinner party? The following are a few tips that can help you in those situations.

#1 Don't be afraid

If you have a statement to make, do not be afraid to make it! This sounds simple, but people are very quick to assume their opinion holds no value. If you have a valid outlook, why not share it in a respectable manner? If everyone in the room is voicing their views, why should you keep yours to yourself? It may be the viewpoint that adds or builds the conversation. Be confident in your opinions and in yourself.

#2 Know your stuff

Talking without substance can be very unattractive. We all have the right to contribute to a group conversation, but it should be something relevant to the conversation, and something that you actually know about. All it takes is one word used incorrectly, or an untrue statement for you to lose all credibility. You never know what other people know. If there is a subject you do not know, there is no need to say anything. You would make a better impression by staying quiet on the subject, rather than attempting to fake your way through it. No one wants to hear someone talk about something they know nothing about.

#3 Be Open Minded

In a group of people, you will inevitably find a diverse set of viewpoints. It is alright to disagree, however it is important to respect other stances. Be open to listening to that person, and respecting their point of view. They are more likely to listen to you, if you are willing to listen to them and consider what they have to say is valid.

#4 Listen

This is a tip that is frequently given when it comes to communication, but often not used. We get focused on getting in our conversation, we wait to speak instead of following what the group is saying. If you listen in a group, you will have more to use in the statement you want to make. With more information, your opinion will be stronger and have more relevance to the conversation.

#5 Share the conversation

Once we are able to get into a group conversation and have the ability to hold everyone's attention, it is essential to remember it is a GROUP conversation. No matter how important we think our opinion is, there are other people who have thoughts just as important as yours. We may feel a sense of power speaking in these situations, but you cannot let it go to your head. Say your piece, and let someone else speak. You will have plenty of other opportunities to speak again during the conversation. People are more likely to give you those opportunities if they know you will not hog the conversation and will give them the same chance to speak that you expect.

Being heard in a group is not just about speaking up. It involves understanding and respecting others in the group. You can talk as much as you want, but if you do not respect others and their opinions, no matter how loud you are, no one will hear you.

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Adam is a human resources professional who provides communication coaching and consulting services to individuals and organizations to help them achieve success by improving their interpersonal skills, increasing their confidence in social situations, and becoming highly effective communicators. With his experience and education in training, recruiting, and communication, he has acquired a great understanding of social interaction, and uses this knowledge to help others build their skills. Visit his weblog at http://www.coachadamyoung.com