During this article I will share with you essentially basic self defense techniques that will gain you the necessary skills to survive dangerous situations and protect yourself from attackers, here's the fundamentals you need to know in order to begin your training:

Learn Street Fighting Tips 1.) If you are smaller or weaker than your attack you may want to defend yourself with an eye gouge as opposed to punches when you move to counter attack. I highly recommend the eye gouge move and it is also used extensively by military martial artists and practitioners of the Israeli martial art krav maga.

Learn Street Fighting Tips 2.) You should utilize a martial arts style that you can easily incorporate into your previous self defense training. By blending a variety of styles of martial arts combat you'll increase your arsenal of defensive attacks overall. You want to make sure you know moves that are easy to remember in high-stress situations.

Learn Street Fighting Tips 3.) You'll want to research and discover which are highly affective styles of martial arts and which will suit your needs. Personally I recommend things like full contact karate, judo, ninjitsu, kung fu, and the various jeetkunedo styles which include Filipino martial arts. With a full range of martial arts techniques at your disposal you'll be able to blend them all into a self defense arsenal for real life situations.

Learn Street Fighting Tips 4.) You need to remain active and keep you body in a healthy state in order to both do your best in a martial arts tournament or in protecting yourself on the street.

Learn Street Fighting Tips 5.) A vital part of studying martial arts is to stay passive and avoid starting fights. You may have a wide range of skills and techniques and could take down anyone you want, but that's exactly why you should be responsible and never go around starting frivolous fights.

Follow these basic martial arts tips and you can grow into an even better martial artist than before as well as defend yourself in dangerous situation if the need arises.

Always remember to cross train and try different styles of street based fighting moves and systems. I recommend you try as many different martial arts styles as well, to get you moving torwards being the best fighter you can be!

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