1. Smart Sandwich
Hold the mayo in your next tuna or egg sandwich and use plain yogurt instead. With protein and probiotics, the yogurt is a lot better for you and you can hardly taste the difference.

2. Go Nuts
Show your heart some love when snacking and reach for a handful of healthy mixed nuts instead of artery clogging potato chips. The protein, fiber and goods fats will keep you full longer and your hand out of the bag.

3. Check Your Oil
Don't turn a good oil bad. Use extra virgin olive oil only for salad dressings, marinades or sauteing at low temperatures; to preserve the healthy fats. For high temperature cooking use grape-seed oil, coconut oil or even good old natural butter.

4. Perfect Pizza
You don't have to pass on a slice of pizza if you prepare it yourself and make some smart choices. Use whole-wheat flour in place of white flour for the extra fiber and ditch the nitrite, fat laden pepperoni for extra-lean ground beef instead. Load up on veggies and a little cheese for great food that's great for you.

5. Sweet Treat
With dark chocolate you can still satisfy your sweet tooth while giving your body something good. Dark chocolate containing 70-90% cocoa has a healthy mix of flavonoids and antioxidants. Even better, a piece of dark chocolate with a spoonful of natural peanut butter makes for a healthy recess peanut butter treat.

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