Assign Tasks to Kids

Do not underestimate the potential of your kids. Kids can handle some task that you do not have time to do: filing, recording messages, paper shredding documents, etc. My 15 year old daughter is responsible for inputting information from business cards that I collect from meetings, into my contact management system, proof reading documents, filing, typing and other small administrative task. She loves it and it gives her great employability skills and inclusion in my business. It is a great way for kids to receive an allowance and special privileges. It allows me to concentrate on other task without having to hire someone.

Trade or Barter Services

If you are in need for a service that requires the expertise of another professional, trade services with the another business owner to avoid any cost. I currently barter by utilizing the expertise of a marketing coach and she utilizes my time management expertise. I’ve heard of a hair stylist and message therapist bartering each other’s services. It also creates another satisfied customer which will provide referrals for your business. This is a win- win situation.

Get Family & Friends Involved

Your family and friends have an abundance of talents that you can take advantage of for a project or task. You can ask for help from a family member or friend and return a favor or take them out for coffee or lunch in return for their solicited help. Notate their special talents for future reference and include it on a spread sheet for when you may need that particular help. You may need babysitting services for an evening speaking engagement or maybe your aunt is an English teacher who can edit your articles or your cousin has an excellent voice that can be used for your voice mail recordings. Utilize the talents of all!

List Projects on

You can list a project on It allows your project to be posted for free and you then receive professional bids on completing the project. You the liberty to decide on the most affordable bid that fits your budget and review the bio and expertise of the person or company completing the project.

Contract Projects to A Virtual Assistant

You do not have to hire a virtual assistant to handle all administrative tasks. You can hire a virtual assistant per project, once the project is complicated, the contract is over. The virtual assistant can be hired per project which eliminates hiring a fulltime employee, paying health insurance, and it requires no long term commitments.

Hire College Students

Call your nearby university, community college or training program for available internships from students preparing to enter the workforce and who are in need of work experience to include on their resume and will also require a letter of reference from you for future employment.

Don’t feel that you are not alone when there is no room in your budget for additional employees or delegation. Use the above resources and proceed with your projects.
Remember you went into business to work on your expertise; don’t allow other tasks to take you away from that path!

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