There are a number of things to understand to make your self talk more powerful. Self talk is what you say to yourself to help you move forward and attract the things that you want to you quicker. Your speech is so important when it comes to the law of attraction, but how you use it to get what you want is even more important. Here are some tips that will help you put your self talk in hyper drive.

1. Create a mantra for yourself. Take the time to develop sentences that are packed full of words that cause specific emotions in you. The word love has a very powerful psychological effect on us. Of course, there are some people who relate to the word love negatively. If you do, you won't want to use the word love. An example of something you could use is nothing more than, "I love you." This is a very powerful statement that will begin to create positive emotions in you. Create a couple of sentences that you can memorize easily that evoke powerful positive emotions in you. Take the time to think of sentences that will help you feel emotions that will allow you to attract what you want to you faster. If you want money, statements such as, "Money comes to me easily and in abundance." You need to think of words relating to money that will evoke powerful emotions in you in the direction that you want to go.

2. Constantly recite your sentences on a regular basis. It's not important when or how often, but it is important to be consistent. Of course you want to recite your mantra as often as possible. Maybe Monday's are your money day, so you recite your money mantra all day long on Monday's. Tuesday might be your love mantra, so on Tuesday's you recite your love mantra for the whole day. You might break your mantra down into different parts of the day. From 9 am until 11 am, you recite your money mantra. It makes no difference. The key is to recite it so much, and so often, that it allows you to feel the emotions that those mantra evoke for as long as possible through out a day. The more you do this, and the better you get at it, the quicker you will attract what you want. Another idea is to recite your mantra as often as possible through out the day, and then do a little meditation at the end of the day before you go to bed. I have a beaded bracelet that I use to do it. The bracelet has 133 beads on it. I will lay in bed at night and recite my mantra until I get around the entire bracelet. Of course you don't need one with so many beads, but it is a powerful tool that will help you stay consistent.

3. There is a concept in NLP, (neuro linguistic programming) called an anchor. An anchor is simple. It's anything physical that causes a certain emotional state. For example, a scientist by the name of Pavlov learned that if he rang a bell when it was time for his dogs to eat that they would begin to salivate. After some time, he took the food away, and found that his dogs still salivated when he rang the bell. You can create any kind of anchor you want for yourself when you use your mantra to help tie the emotions that each mantra create into your body. For example, let's say that you use the I love you mantra. Every time you say I love you, you could tap your left elbow with your right index finger. What this does is psychologically tie the emotions of I love you into a tapping of the left elbow. So when you want to, or need to feel the emotions that the mantra I love you creates, you can simply tap your left elbow with your right finger. Create your own anchors to tie the emotions into yourself. The key with all of this is to create and maintain strong emotions as often and as long as possible.

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