Honeymoon time is more exciting time for the new couple.

Once they decide the destination and book their air ticket than third most important task is to select the proper honeymoon stay. It is essential to select the proper hotel, resort or motel as per your budget.

1. You must have to see the location of your stay that gives calm and you can access anything from the location. There are different types of stays such as some hotels/resort are located near the beach or ponds while some resort or hotels are located in the heart of the location. You must have to select the proper location as per your choice.

2. Second important one is the package offers by the hotel/motels. You must have to see the different packages offers by the hotel/motels. You can also see the hotels/resort facilities online on website to get the idea about the different packages based on the facilities provided by the hotels/motels.

3. You must have to read the details of the package offer by the hotels/resort. It is important to clarify all the things to get the suitable honeymoon package and see the facilities provided by the hotel/resort owner.

4. If you use the different amenities like casino, bar fitness centre, golf, massage etc than your bill gets increases. It is important to check the rate of all the additional facilities so that you will get proper ideas.

5. It is necessary to get the details of taxes applied on your final bill. It is important to know the details so that you will get the benefits.

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