Why do so many saleswomen struggle to compete and excel? It isn’t because you lack skill or knowledge. It’s because you get confused and lose focus on what’s important.

Don’t try and make sales more complicated than it needs to be. Understand that there are some simple principles that hold true no matter what service industry you’re in when it comes to sales success:

  1. Whether you know about proven marketing principles and use them in your business or not, they’re either working for you or against you
  2. No matter what business you think you’re in, you’re really in the business of marketing that business first and foremost
  3. You’ll make more sales and earn more valuable clients meeting with fewer people
  4. The heart, soul, and existence of your business is based on the relationships you form with prospects and clients
  5. At the end of the day all you have is your integrity

The fact that you don’t understand marketing, and don’t know how to market yourself makes sales success even more difficult. First, it’s nearly impossible to get the attention and attract the interest of prospects when you can’t market yourself. Second, because you don’t know how to market yourself you waste lots of time meeting with people you never should be meeting with. And finally, this lack of skill and knowledge is not only impeding your progress, but it’s costing you lots of time and money.

Marketing is how you make those initial connections so you have the opportunity to develop relationships. Although you may not do it very well, you’re familiar with certain types of marketing like networking. What you don’t realize is that if you knew how to market yourself you’d actually obtain sales appointments from your networking efforts with qualified prospects rather than suspects who aren’t likely to work with you.

Integrity and sales go hand in hand. Unfortunately we both know there are salespeople who lack integrity and tarnish the reputation of all of us. Just make sure that even when it’s the hard thing to do you take the higher ground of personal integrity.

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