What is the meaning of creativity? What is means to be creative? How one can be creative? Why should one be creative? How can creativity help in life? What is the importance of creativity in one’s life? These are some of the questions what you should answer yourself. Ponder on these questions and you will find out various ways that will help you to learn about your own creativity. Nevertheless here are 51 ways for you to be creative. These ways have been experimented by the author and author has found beautiful results. Author is just sharing with the feeling of gratitude to everyone.

1. Believe that you are creative
2. Explore various definitions of creativity and ponder on it
3. Read books on creativity and experiment with various ideas given in books
4. Spend time with nature watching birds, trees, sky, ocean, mountains, brooks etc.
5. Meet creative people and learn about their lifestyle
6. Live with creative person
7. Sit in silence without any thoughts or purpose
8. Meditate daily
9. Write your thoughts spontaneously without pre-thinking on any subject
10. Go infront of mirror and speak out your thoughts spontaneously on various subjects non stop for 5 minutes. You may extend time to 15 mins, 20 mins, 1 hours etc.
11. List out 101 reasons why you want to be creative
12. Go for long walk all alone
13. Listen to instrumental music
14. Watch the flowing water of river and listen to the sound of water
15. Wake up early in the morning and watch sun rise
16. Appreciate 10 people every day in different ways
17. Discover your multiple intelligences and work on all the intelligences
18. Learn about your learning styles and use your learning styles to be more creative
19. Find out your thinking styles and experiment with all thinking styles
20. Meet someone whom you don’t know and find out what is creative about that person and how that person explored his/her creativity
21. Write 51 positive aspects about yourself
22. Play with various colors and expression your emotions with colors i.e. if you are angry which color will you use in painting your anger and what picture you will create
23. Express your feelings without using words just by using clay modeling
24. Put your right hand on your heart, close your eyes and feel the beats of your heart
25. Play any musical instrument without using any user guide or formal training
26. Play with children age 3 to 7 without giving them instructions and just by blindly following what they are asking you to do
27. Do the thing that you fear most
28. If someone criticize you, blame you, pulls you down be cool and calm at that time and bless that person that he/she becomes more creative, peaceful and loving being
29. Find out the history of your family who was creative in your past generation grandfather, grandmother, granduncle, grandaunt etc.
30. Check with all your family members, relatives and friends who are creative and learn from them how they become creative
31. For 21 days don’t become angry on anyone or yourself no matter what happens
32. Find out who were the most creative people in the history of humanity and learn from their biographies how they were creative and what they have contributed to humanity
33. Everyday list out 5 creative things that you have seen in whole day and appreciate it
34. For one week stop watching TV and reading news paper
35. Connect with creative people online and discuss with them about creativity
36. Visit to zoo or forest and find out what is creative about animals and birds
37. Go to some park and observe trees, plants, flowers etc and find out what is creative about them
38. At early morning 4am go and watch sky and find out which stars look creative
39. Meet old people and discuss with them who were creative people in their time and what made them creative
40. Go and help mothers who have delivered a child and observe the growing pattern of the child for a month
41. Find out the ways to grow some vegetables or fruits or any eatable for yourself wherever you are currently residing
42. Visit various monuments and find out the creative aspect about its construction and find its history about how people have thought to create it
43. Think of any latest discovery or any discovery in the world which you feel is creative. Find out who discovered it, how it was discovered and learn from the biography of the person what ways he/she use to be creative in his/her life
44. Listen to one problem of any person every day and give him/her the most creative possible solutions for his/her problems
45. Find out which movies are most creative movies, how they were created, find the making of the movie
46. Visit any art gallery, observe various paintings and other creations. Before asking about the painter or creator first think what could have inspired the creator to create such a piece of art
47. Go to rural areas in interior villages and find out who is the most creative person in that village. Learn how he/she became creative
48. Start observing everything in your home. Find out how many creative things are there in your home. Find out from where they came and how they were created
49. Learn what are the creative aspects of your parents and siblings
50. Ask 5 unknown people what is their understanding about creativity and how to be more creative
51. Have faith that everyone is creative including you

Creativity is not about compulsion. Creativity is also not about thinking out of box but it is more about thinking without box, without boundaries to the extent creativity is all about no thinking. When your logical mind will shut down you will see the sunrise of your creativity. Creativity is the artistic decorum of spiritual science.

Author's Bio: 

Manavji Sahaj is a life healer. He has travelled all over India and has worked with lakhs of children and youth. He has dedicated his life to help people for self learning and self healing. He is associated with Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust (Mumbai), Sri M. N. Shukla B.Ed College of Education (Ahmedabad), SGA Education Institute (Ahmedabad), Suyam Charitable Trust (Chennai).