Wealth affirmations help you attract abundance into your life. By reciting them or writing them down everyday, you are increasing your chances of actually getting what you desire.

Wealth Affirmation # 1: "I am overflowing with financial abundance!"

Obviously, this is meant to attract money into your life. Using the word "overflowing" is a good thing since it connotes a never ending flow. It gives you the idea that you will never run out of money or financial opportunities.

Wealth Affirmation # 2: "I release all feelings of negativity and accept feelings of positivity."

We don't realize it; but sometimes, we hold on to too much negativity. When this happens, we leave no room for any sort of abundance and wealth into our life.

This affirmation banishes all feelings and thoughts of negativity in your life, and is a good way to start your day. Recite this over and over while you are meditating or just plain breathing deeply. Feel what each word means and allow yourself to receive positive energy.

Wealth Affirmation # 3: "Money flows abundantly into my life!"

This is another way of attracting money into your life. This affirmation is pretty easy to remember and will serve you well when you're not doing anything at the moment.

For example, if you're on your lunch break, why don't you spend a few minutes writing this affirmation down. Writing, after all, is a very powerful way of communicating your desires to the universe.

Wealth Affirmation # 4: "I am worthy of all my desires."

This puts an end to all thoughts that may prevent you from effectively asking for what you want. Tell yourself that you deserve to have all the good things in your life everyday.

Soon, you'll begin to notice that more and more opportunities are coming your way. That and you'll have an easier time receiving all the blessings that the universe has to offer!

Wealth Affirmation # 5: "I accept wealth and prosperity into my life."

This opens you up to all the abundant opportunities you want. By saying this affirmation aloud, you are declaring that you are, in a way, open for business. You are declaring that your door is wide open for all positive energy to come into.

Wealth affirmations have a strong impact on people's lives. You may think of them as mere words put together; but words have power. And with the right attitude, you can do anything you want and achieve all that you desire.

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