An important part of creating a solid online brand and a solid business both online and offline is leadership. That said, anyone who steps up to be a leader is going to encounter challenges. One of the true tests of leadership is how you overcome the leadership challenges that will come no matter how great of a leader you are.

Here are five effective ways you can overcome leadership challenges and become a star leader:

1. Ask yourself: “What is right with this situation?” Whenever you encounter a challenge to your leadership, no matter how bad the situation may seem, there is always something right or good about it. Make a list of all the things that are right and avoid dwelling on the wrong. Analyzing what is right can lead you to a better understanding of what happened to cause any problem or challenge that you are experiencing. Furthermore you can also get clues about how to avoid leadership challenges in the future by predicting what may happen in the future as well.

2. Search for and focus on solutions rather than problems. Make a list of all of the solutions to the leadership problem or challenge. Avoid being judgmental at first and write down anything that you could do that comes to mind. If there are other people involved ask for their opinion and then proceed solving each problem one at a time with what you have determined to be the most productive solution.

3. Learn from other successful and effective leaders. One of the best ways to become a star leader is to read books written by others who have paved the way before or to interview them or to find ways to associate with them. Take note of what they do or what they did when they encountered leadership challenges that were similar to yours. Pay attention to how they thought and what they did and worked on as a person as well as what they did with those they lead. Effective leaders are created by who you become as a person in addition to the actions you take.

4. Practice positive thinking and motivation. This can only help and improve your leadership. In addition you will be better prepared when those challenges that you know will come appear in your life. Positive thinking also helps you to tolerate and even embrace frustration, failures and challenges.

5. Ask for help. Admit it, sometimes you will need help to overcome your leadership challenges. Turn to someone who has been through the same experience that you have or something similar and ask for their advice. If the situation is severe you may even need to hire them to help you or somehow otherwise obtain assistance. Avoid thinking that this shows weakness since everyone needs help from time to time and a sign of a great leader is that they are humble and open to receiving help when needed.

Know that you can overcome any leadership challenge that is thrown your way and that in doing so you will become a stronger person and you will be viewed as someone that people want to emulate both online and offline.

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AnnaLaura Brown is an online networker and social media coach. She leads a network marketing organization and a local womens networking group. Learn more about her and grab your free social media mastery kit at