One of my favorite writing assignments in college was constructing a monosyllabic story carved out of pure thought and based on the delectable mind of Dr. Seuss. This provoked inside me a strong curiosity on how to conquer the challenge of experiencing writer's block. In this case, we could employ large quantities of monosyllabic words from dictionaries that pertain to dreams and the imagination. Assembling a list of fictitious places and characters was also helpful and enjoyable. One can hardly go wrong when sincerely exercising the art of automated writing as expressed by the Dadaism and Surrealism movements. In the grips of ennui, this technique can help achieve the desired effect of locomotive writing and stimulating content. If we continue with clear inspirations, we can encounter a story that will be unpredictable, as well as, laudable. These tools are located in the sheds of our minds so let’s keep them sharp, witty, and ready!


Sometimes even experienced writers from such companies as 123writings, feel a lack of inspiration. As a writer, do you find yourself constantly looking over your shoulder when you hear footsteps trailing in the mist? On the cobblestone road, footsteps resound and echo. Then you finally realize that you are being shadowed by the blurred phantom known as writer's block. Ahead of you, there is a neon sign that blinks 5 ways to increase your creativity.


“Good artists copy, great artists steal” ~ Pablo Picasso


The Artist’s Template


When one puts the needle on the record, you glance at the album cover and view the liner notes. Personally, I relish in these fascinations and clues that shed light to who is behind the voice and instruments on the record. Like a warm cup of peppermint tea, this knowledge soothes your mind, fueling your passion and artistic nature. Artists of all calibers are drawn to the temperament of extraordinary artists, and the techniques that they create with. Whether it's an Oscar Wilde Novel, a Roland Penrose painting or a song by Bo Diddley; savor them like a well-made spinach artichoke lasagna. Learn of their fruits and methods but don’t bite the tree.


Propose to Your Work


The best engagement ring for your art is your passion. Do something that you love and make your heart smile? When I immerse myself in the creating process, rays of light conceal my face. To be as prolific as a vine of grapes is my contentment. I lose myself in the artistic process and let my mind drift away with the wind. Time passes when you are having fun, but minutes vanish when you are creating. When I’m deep in thought, working away like a madman, the moon and sun cease to exist. I find that in those moments, my creations have an aroma of intense satisfaction. Find a hobby such as gardening, fishing or collecting memorabilia. They can reduce stress and induce relaxation while fueling your creative vehicle on the roads of your life. When I took up the hobby of gardening in the past, I was able to replicate the growth of a tomato with a song.


Write like a Stargazer


I came to realize that it’s not healthy to grind your teeth, and that should also apply to one's own mind. Many, many times I have been told to stop daydreaming, or that I’m a gluttonous sleeper. However, it's during those fits of slumber that I have received the prototypes for stories, essays, sonatas, and poems. When your thoughts aren’t constricted, the ideas will trickle down like water. Dreams are fertile fields where your mind can run and smell the floral fragrance of art for art’s sake. When I wake in the morning, there are times that I regret not having a notepad by my bedside. If rest is your ally, then fertility will be your victory.


Good Vibrations


As a child, summertime was the paragon of happiness. With that said, every day should be summer in your mind. Reduce your negativity to a grain of sand. I found that when I am happy and grateful, I attract priceless cerebrations and concepts like a pheromones to noses. Exercising, visualizing aspirations and reading through the pages of your cheerful memories will serve as food for your artistic appetite.


Think of The Applause


Visualize yourself being soaked by a rainfall of applause. Write for the audience and compose for the listener. Catering to the hungry palate of the ravenous audience should be your desire. I have employed my imagination for a high degree of pretending. As a musician, I make-believe that I’m on stage, the fans are cheering, and they invite me for an encore. If you think that no one is going to care, then usually the seats are going to be empty.


With these 5 tips, you’ll be riding the big Kahuna of your creative ocean at record speed.

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Bria Pierce is freelance writer and a blogger with a great thirst for writing and sharing ideas. She believes in the necessity of incessant personal development, passion for work and top-notch texts that can change our lives.