Do you have a passion for news? Are you the next Barbara Walters or Walter Cronkite? If you're ready to become a news anchor, below you will learn how to become an anchor.

1. Be Certain of Your Chosen Career Path

There are several career fields that combine storytelling and media. Make sure you want to go into the news. Know everything like news industry salaries and time commitments. Know that you likely will have to work for some time before getting an anchor role.

2. Get Educated and Be Prepared

There are specific studies that must be followed to have a career as a news anchor, and it's not just writing and talking. Colleges and Universities have programs that cover all facets of the news industry. Make sure you pick a school with a proven success rate for immediately getting students employed upon graduation, internships or full-time work.

3. Intern and Make More Connections

While you are in school, your program should assist you in making a newsreel. Even if you get a reel and make great grades, the market is competitive. Look for internships. Internships will make certain that you master all you need to know, including how to report the news as an anchor from a broadcast desk.

4. Be A Reporter and Work Your Way Up

Once you are hired by a station for a permanent position, you likely will work your way up from a reporter position. Make sure that you understand you may work odd hours and be on call. Don't get discouraged by limited air time. Focus on writing and telling good stories. Focus on being a good employee.

5. Market Yourself via Social Media

You also should focus on marketing yourself. Most news personalities have social media pages. This provides them with an opportunity to also give viewers an "outside of the news" look at their life. Make sure to market yourself to the community. Your employer will notice the community's interest in you. This can help show your employer the need to put you more out there, i.e. as a reporter.

With the above five steps, you should now know what it takes to become a news anchor. You already have the dream. Now, you also have the tried and true, proven process to make your news anchor dreams come true.

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Katie earned a BA in English from WWU and loves to write. She also adores hiking in redwood forests and photography. She feels happiest around a campfire surrounded by friends and family.