Keeping homes clean is a task that nobody can stay away from. It is one of the basic chores that someone or the other has to take up. A clean home leads to a healthy indoor environment as well as making it free from virus and bacteria that cause health complications. 

One of the aspects of clean homes is clean carpets. Since it is something that provides warmth to the feet as well as keeps the room cosy, there is the need for clean carpets so that you do not encounter health complications and witness poor indoor air quality. 

Regular carpet cleaning allows freshness and better longevity. Here are a few tips coming from the experts when it comes to allowing a long-lasting carpet. 

Vacuum clean it regularly

Even though the experts come along with an industrial quality vacuum cleaner that has a better house cleaning result, there is the need for you to vacuum clean the carpets occasionally. The domestic appliance may not have the same pressure as the professional one, but it is capable of removing the loose dust that forms a coat on the top layer of the carpet. Doing this will prevent the dust from flying in the air when walked upon.  

Use mats near the doors 

When it comes to the amount of dirt that the indoors witness every day, most of it comes along with our feet. Even when we step out for a minute, a lot of dust comes along. When you place mats near the doors especially at the entrance and exit doors, you can dust your feet well, and there is minimal dust coming along. Dust these mats occasionally to prevent accumulation and caking. 

Act on stains as soon as you can 

Whether you have spilled food and there is a fresh stain, or you suddenly notice something on the carpet, do not ignore it. Act upon it immediately. Use a stain remover or blot the area with water to get rid of the stain as much as you can. This will ensure that you have clean carpets until the professionals come over to act upon it when it is time for the occasional cleaning. 

Move around the furniture from time to time 

If your room has heavy furniture placed on the carpets, the carpets will likely get damaged over time, especially due to indentation and the pressure. Try moving the furniture every now and then. It not just keeps your carpet safe but also changes the look of your room from time to time. 

Avoid stepping in with shoes

This should be applicable for both the family members as well as the guests. Keep a shoe rack near the door where outdoor shoes can be placed before entering the house. Since the floors are covered with carpets, you will not feel cold. Shoes bring in a lot of dirt, and no matter how much you dust them on mats, they somehow come in. 

These are the basics that every homeowner should follow. It will not just contribute to cleanliness but also the longevity of the carpets. 

Author's Bio: 

The author has had close associations with those helping out with carpet cleaning in Ascot Vale and writes this article to help people clean their carpets with help from experts on house cleaning in Pascoe Vale.