There’s a popular belief that the music you like can tell a person a lot about you. You know what’s the funny part? That it is true. Not just because it feels like but because it has been proven that the music is definitely linked with the personality of a person. What’s even more interesting is that research has revealed some other gems.

Did you know that you inherent your music tastes from your parents? Additionally, your favorite song is one that is usually associated with either a good memory or creates an intense emotional response from you. Moreover, science proves that that music you like in your 20s is the one that defines your taste for the rest of your life.

Apart from these factoids, music does make a huge difference in your life. The following are some of the key ways that music can improve your life.

1. It Helps You to Relax

Music has been found to help a person relax, not just because it soothes the mind. It has been proven that music reduces blood pressure, particularly if one is listening to classic music, jazz or pop music. In a study, listeners who were given music by Vivaldi and Pachelbel were able to get their blood pressure to normal levels more quickly than listeners who sat in complete silence. Even when you are stressed out about a particular task, listening to some music will help to dispel the anxiety you are feeling.

2. It Helps with Productivity

With music, it is possible for a person to make mundane tasks more exciting and help with productivity. Whether one has to clean a room or file paperwork, they can improve productivity and avoid focusing on how dull the task is with the help of the right music. It can also help to keep the mind focused. In some cases, listening to angry music such as rock or metal can also make one more persistent in finishing the task as quickly as possible.

3. Can Help You Forget Your Pain

The next time you are in pain, pop ibuprofen and your favorite song at the same time. Music has been found to help deal with physical and emotional pain. In fact, it increases one’s perceived control and helps them manage pain more effectively. Music, coupled with visual distractions like video games, can help one to ignore the pain they feel until the medication starts to take effect. It also helps one forget about their troubles much faster.

4. Improves Your Work Out

Music can help to make your work out more productive and help you focus more on your reps. It also helps you feel less exhausted and more motivated to finish your workout, no matter how grueling it might be. Research shows that performers of gym-goers was significantly higher than those who did not listen to any music throughout their workout. Moreover, make sure to pick your preferred music. This also makes a difference. Listening to new music or non-preferred music can actually increase the perception of discomfort in the workout.

5. Helps You Save a Life

Did you know that music can help you to save a life? This isn’t just a cliché. Medical professionals suggest that when you are administering CPR on a person, you time your compressions according to the beats of certain songs. The best song for this Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees and Another One Bites the Dust by Queen. The beats in both songs is perfect for delivering 109 compressions without any issues. Moreover, singing the song while compressing helps to make it work like musical muscle memory. The music will help you remember what you need to do when you’re administering CPR.

As you can see, music can actually improve your life in ways that you probably didn’t know or think about.

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