No matter what kind of brand your company may be trying to establish, the importance of working to create an agreeable image cannot be overstated. In a world where consumers and decision-makers are consistently overwhelmed by the sheer number of brands available for them to choose from, making a strong first impression is an absolute necessity.

When many people think about brand image, the first things they might begin to think about their logo, their name, or their social media pages. But one aspect of the brand image that is frequently overlooked is the commercial interior design of their office or storefront.

By working with a commercial interior designer, you can quickly begin to establish the sort of brand image you have always been striving for. In fact, because each of your potential clients, business partners, and even employees will view your workspace as the source of their first impression, you may want to even view the entire interior design process as an essential component of your business’ greater marketing plan.

In this article, we will discuss just a few of the ways that working with a commercial interior designer can immediately strengthen your company’s brand. These individuals are trained to create spaces that are aesthetically appealing and, at the end of the day, using an interior designer may even functionally increase your annual bottom line.

Commercial Interior Design

1. Position yourself as a well-established company

One piece of advice that many new startups consistently find themselves hearing is that—even if they are unsure of themselves—they ought to “fake it until they make it.” Though this old cliché can certainly be applied to a variety of different aspects of life, it especially has some truth when it comes to the world of business.

By investing in your interior space, all prospective investors, employees, and clients will begin to view your company as one that is already well-established. Creating a well-designed interior space project a desire for permanence and suggests to those around you that you too believe your business will actually be here for the long-haul.

2. Use your interior space to express your company values

You should also view your interior space as an opportunity to express the things that are truly the most important to your company. Once your company has been able to effectively create a mission statement, it should be significantly easier to identify which specific values are the most important to you.

If your business is in a more “serious” industry—such as banking, insurance, etc.—then you may want to create an interior space with an objectively more professional feel. Juxtaposing black and white surfaces, using classic materials such as marble, and incorporating straight lines are just a few of the options you might consider. On the other hand, if you want your business to appear to be more “fun” or “creative”, then doing things such as using bright colors (yellow, light blue, etc.), wavy lines, and abstract works of art can also be very effective.

3. Create an immediate connection with potential clients

As suggested, the commercial space that your company does business in will often be one of the first (if not the first) impressions that you ever have on a potential client. Because of this, it is important to look for an interior designer that can help you create an immediate connection with anyone who may happen to walk through your doors.

If you are a local business, for example, adding some local flavor—pictures of nearby attractions, homages to local sports teams, etc.—can help make your local status immediately known. Furthermore, incorporating various “conversation pieces” can help you connect with clients even further. If the first they say when they walk through your doors is, “I love what you’ve done with the place,” then you know you are certainly moving in a positive direction.

4. Design a welcoming environment that essential people will want to come back to

No matter what industry your business may be in, creating an interior space that essential people will want to come back to is undeniably important. In fact, this may ultimately be what contributes to a potential employing deciding to work for you, an investor deciding to give you another look, or a customer wanting to buy from you again and again.

By working with an interior designer, there are a wide variety of different things you can do in order to help attract these people back to your workspace.
• Install comfortable seating areas (couches, chairs, etc.) that will help influence people to stay at your workspace for longer
• Incorporate art and other design elements that will make space more visually memorable
• Offer your essential people something to entertain themselves with—this could include a library, a ping-pong table, a television area, and anything in between

One of the primary purposes of commercial interior design is to help those around you feel as if they are at home, without interrupting any of your essential business activity. The more comfortable you can make the people who come to visit you, the more likely you will be able to establish a lengthy and prosperous relationship.

5. Show that you care about the little things

Lastly, one of the reasons that you ought to consider using an interior designer for your business is that this help projects the message that you care about everything that you do. If you are able to show that world that you take pride in the space that you work in, then those around you will be much more likely to believe that you take pride in whatever good or service you may be offering them.

Though the specific details—color, lines, form, shape, textures, etc.—that are most appropriate for your workspace will ultimately be up to you, there are many different things that an interior designer can do to help. By showing you previous projects, helping educate you about different design styles, and offering their opinion when necessary, you will be in a position to create the exact sort of workspace you’ve always been dreaming of.


Regardless of what kind of work you may do, your brand will be important and it will also be attached to every single component of your business. If you are working in an interior space that will be seen by potential investors, clients, and future employees, then it will be up to you to communicate a specific message about your brand. Though there are certainly many different components of your brand that will need to be accounted for, the importance of your interior space should not be overlooked.

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