It is the time when everyone is bombarded with uncountable ads in both television and social media, and it reaches a point where these ads seem irritating and disturbing to the viewer particularly on social media. According to a report, 90 percent of YouTube users skip the ads every time they pop up before a video. This shows generally people get fed up with the same kind of advertisements. This is the reason why modern marketing strategists suggest to use non-conventional marketing strategies to grow and flourish the businesses besides following the old tricks. Here you will get to know about the role of promotional products and the benefits of using promotional products.

Role of Promotional Products
Every businessman wants to see his business flourishing at a rapid pace, but in order to get that done, one needs a proper marketing strategy and the use of adequate promotional products. Promotional products play an important role in marketing and advertising these days. According to Promotional Products Association International, 8 out of 10 people like receiving promotional products while 7 out of 10 people find online advertising annoying. Moreover, 20% of the recipients showed their will to make a purchase from the advertiser they received a promotional product from. These states indicate how important and beneficial promotional products are for your business.

Here are the 5 top benefits of using promotional products in your business.

Increase Brand visibility
Promotional products in Vancouver Canada can be a great source of brand visibility and increased sales. There are many items that can increase your brand’s visibility manifolds. Imprinted with your company logo, ordinary tote bags, T-shirts, and hats, can be walking advertisements for your business. According to PPAI, 73% of people use a promotional product once a week and 45% of the people use a promotional product once a day. You can imagine how excessively a promotional item is used in customers’ life.

Improve Relationship With Customers
Promotional products are the only advertising medium that engages all the five senses of the user. Printed on a tangible item turns an ordinary message into a marketing experience. An audience can touch, feel, hear, taste, see, and smell it. This strengthens the relationship between the product and the customers. When an advertisement is that engaging, obviously it will have a lasting effect on the customers because they are the customers who refer your brand to others if there is a bonding between the product and the consumers.

Increase Customer Traffic
Another benefit of promotional products is that it increases customer traffic by increasing brand awareness in public. The more people will know about your product and company, the more they will be interested in your product. To increase customer traffic you can use logoed products to draw maximum attention. Increased customer traffic will definitely increase sales which will eventually improve your ROI.

Budget-Friendly Marketing Strategy
The use of promotional products is a highly targeted and inexpensive marketing strategy to drive in more customers. Traditional advertisements cost too much as compared to promotional products. Generally, low cost and widely used items are preferred for promotional purposes as they are usually budget-friendly and attention-drawing.

Long Term Brand Identification
Promotional products shape a positive brand image over the years. Research has shown that 83% of the consumers could recall the name of the brand advertised as a promotional product, while only 7% of the people could recall the name of the product viewed on television commercials. This means promotional products give easy brand identification which is very beneficial for a company in the long run. When people easily recognize the brand they feel more confident to associate themselves with it.

Above are some of the benefits you can get using promotional products in your business. But for that, you need to have complete knowledge about how promotional products are used with proper planning to get maximum output and grow business rapidly.

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