Every woman wants to get the man of their dreams and to be able to do this, one must be loveable to attract the opposite sex. Being lovable seems hard but it is not impossible to be liked and loved by people around you including men. With the right traits and attitude you can become a lovable woman every man wants to be with. Every woman can be likeable and lovable. The following tips can be very helpful.

Love yourself. Do not expect people to love you when you do not even know how to love yourself. You cannot give something you do not have, so you cannot love others if you do not know how to love yourself. The best person who can love you is yourself. Be good to yourself and love yourself, people love those who know how to love themselves. Of course loving yourself does not mean hurting people just to make yourself stand out. You have to know that loving yourself is different from being selfish or self-centered. To become a lovable woman you must be capable of loving yourself.

Be simple and cute. Physical appearance counts in attracting the opposite sex. To become a lovable woman, you have to be simple and cute. While there are men who likes sophisticated women, there are more men who are drawn to simple and cute women. It can be really hard to keep high maintenance women. In this very materialistic world, simplicity is a gem that catches the attention of men. Of course being simple is not being easy. Simple women are not high maintenance and yet they value their femininity. They do not just throw themselves to men, they have values and self-respect. A simple woman can also look great. You can be fashionable without expending a fortune. With good sense of fashion and knowing where to buy clothes that fits your budget, you can look great and cute. Wear clothes that fits your shape and your personality. Wear clean shoes. Wear simple make up. Keep your hair, nails and teeth clean. Practice proper hygiene and always look clean and refreshing.

Be happy. Being happy is a positive attitude that can give good vibes to other people. No one wants to be around people who are sad. Everybody wants to be happy so we are all drawn to happy people. Although life is not always happy, a positive or cheerful attitude lightens up difficult situations. A woman who can handle difficult situations with a positive and happy attitude is very attractive and lovable. Be happy and you can become a lovable woman.

Be the nicest person that you can be. Being nice is a good trait that attract people including men. Women being delicate and feminine are expected to be nice. It is great to be nice because nice people tend to attract people who are also nice. Treat other people like the way you would treat your best friend or loved ones. Do not gossip, do not insult people, do not pick on them and do not be rude. Women should have those motherly instincts of being nice and caring, so live up to what women should be. To become a loveable woman, you have to be the nicest person that you can be.

Smile. Although life can be cruel sometimes, do not let mishaps and unfortunate things stop you from wearing a great smile. No matter what the situation is, a woman needs to wear a smile if she wants to become a lovable woman. You do not know what a simple smile can do to other people. Someone having a bad day could realize that life is not that bad after all if someone as nice as you took that moment to give him a great smile. A smile is a universal language that could give a message "Hi, I am a friend". A person who always wear a smile will always be perceived as a friendly and approachable person. There is nothing more lovable than a woman who is friendly and approachable. So if you want to become a lovable woman, show those beautiful teeth and smile.

It can be a challenge to attract men but with lovable traits, attracting men is not as hard as you think.

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