Twitter is an excellent platform for keeping up to date with your friends and your favorite celebrities. It has more uses than just that though.

Many businesses use the platform to draw customers into their sales funnel. Twitter is at the top of the funnel.
Unfortunately, most brands do not really know how to utilize Twitter properly. Furthermore, Twitter has other awesome uses that most brands do not even take advantage of.

In other words, if all you post to Twitter are promotional tweets, then you are not using Twitter to its full potential.

This article will cover some of the different ways that you can use Twitter with your business.

Customer Service
The first alternative way you can use Twitter is for customer service. In fact, if you have a Twitter account, then you probably already receive a decent amount of customer service requests on the platform.

This usually entails a refund request or someone complaining about something. Very rarely will people compliment your product on Twitter, but it does happen sometimes.

Anyway, you should not ignore customer service requests that you get on Twitter. That is definitely the wrong course of action.

A better way to resolve any customer service issues would be to solve them in the Twitter platform simply. You do not want to move a likely angry customer off of the platform. Just resolve the issue on Twitter.

However, you should not resolve the issue publicly unless you are going above and beyond what people expect. Just make sure to publicly reply, “Check your DM’s.”

This way your followers will know that you follow up with customer complaints.

One last point. Some brands decide to create a specific customer service focused on Twitter. This is a great option for a bigger brand that experiences a lot of customer service requests. If you have a smaller brand, then this is not really necessary. It probably looks better when the owner of a small business responds to customer service requests anyway.

Customer Support
Customer support is a little different than customer service. This is basically people that need some form of help with your product.

For instance, if your product requires assembly, then people may go to Twitter to ask for help. They may also go to Twitter to vent without even mentioning you in the tweet, which is why keyword alerts are important.

Anyway, you should respond to customer support requests on Twitter. Again, respond publicly with “Check your DM’s.”

You can either redirect them to your website for the customer support form, which is probably more convenient for you. If the problem is small, then supporting them through Twitter will probably work fine.

Also, if you keep experiencing the same questions to customer support, then you probably need to do a better job explaining the product. You can also send a pre-made video to anyone that requests customer support.

It’s less personal, but for common problems, it is probably worth the effort.

Anyway, Twitter is a perfectly acceptable place to conduct customer support. Just make sure you follow the basic rules and guidelines listed above.

Product Feedback
Product feedback is another excellent use of Twitter. Unfortunately, most people will not tell you what they want.

They just complain. Famously, some celebrities have complained about a product then bought automatic retweets and likes on their complaint to get it to go viral.

However, complaints are some of the best feedback that you can get. Think about it, a complaint is some stating a problem and solution. All you have to do is solve that problem and they will be happy.

Use Twitter to look for complaints. It can be people tweeting at your customer service line. It can also be people in your industry complaining about stuff.

For instance, if you see lots of people complaining about their paintbrushes drying out, then you can make an easy-to-use device that keeps paintbrushes wet.

Simple problems like that are all over Twitter. You just have to look for them, but you can often find them buried in a complaint.

Employee Recruitment
Another great way to use Twitter is for employee recruitment. You can find lots of people looking for work on Twitter.

However, the vast majority of these potential workers will be freelancers. Most freelancers in the creative industry will have an active Twitter account.

Simply do some searching on the platform next time you need a logo done or a CAD and you should be able to find a freelancer that can do it.

The final way to use Twitter is for collaboration. This type of collaboration is not just switching social media accounts though.

We are talking about the initial outreach to the company.
Some companies use email or make a phone call. Other industries are so online focused that Twitter is a great way to contact people.

If you are in one of these industries, then you should use Twitter to reach out.

Now, you do have to use some discretion with this. If you are wanting to do a serious collaboration, then email is probably the best way to organize that collaboration.

However, if you just want a fun and straightforward collaboration, then you can certainly use Twitter. Some fun collaborations would include making a video together, donating products to charity, or a golf tournament.

Again, those collaborations are fairly simple and fun. Something more complicated and serious like a licensing deal or attempting to get products into stores should be done on more professional channels.

Final Thoughts
All in all, you have the ability to do a wide variety of different strategies on Twitter. It should not just be used to tweet promotional content and brand-related content.

Customer service, customer support, and collaborations are some of the more effective ways that you can use Twitter. Using to find freelancers is also a great option.

Finally, the more you use Twitter; the more the algorithm will like your content. This means that you should be using it for as much stuff as possible if you plan on making Twitter a part of your strategy.

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