Car sickness is something which is a common phenomenon in a lot of people. Though it is nothing to be worried about, at times it can cause certain problems, especially when you are taking a ride. There are several remedies to this situation, which you need to keep in mind to ensure a safe and secure journey. You can find these methods helpful while taking a ride from the airport to your destination.

In the following lines, we will discuss in brief about a few of these remedies that can be helpful for you during airport transfers. So if you find it problematic to travel by car, we recommend you read this article till the very end to find the feasible remedies to this problem and have a better experience while riding a car next time around.

Keep the window open

While travelling to the airport, we tend to keep the car windows up all the time and enjoy the AC. However, if you have motion sickness, then it is recommended that you should keep the windows down and let the fresh air flow inside the car. It will help you to feel a lot more relaxed while you have a Bath to Bristol airport transfer.

Avoid heavy food items

Having something heavy before you board the taxi might cause you to have vomiting tendencies while taking the ride. So you must keep your diet in control when you know that you have travel scheduled later in the day.

Eat as less as possible

The significance of food is tremendous when it comes to travelling. If you have motion sickness and don't want to feel any discomfort while taking Bath to Bristol airport taxi, we recommend that you eat as less as possible before you start the ride. You can also opt for having nothing at all if you tend to get sick while moving in a car.


Sleeping in the car can be a good option for you to avoid motion sickness. At times, keeping your eyes closed or sleeping helps you to forget the fact that you have tended to get sick while moving. So, while travelling, we recommend that you should sleep to avoid any unnecessary stress and get sick.

Take as many breaks as possible

If you have motion sickness, we recommend that you take as many breaks as possible while travelling by car. You should stop the car, get out of it, stretch your legs and breathe the fresh air for a while before resuming the journey. However, we suggest that you should let the agency that you have hired for Bristol airport to Bath transfer know about your condition and that you might need to stop the car several times while taking the trip.

From the above lines, we can clearly understand the remedial steps that we need to take to avoid getting sick inside the car. So if you have motion sickness, keep the above points in mind while taking a car ride next time.

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