As we all know that we are going through a pandemic condition which makes a very bad impact on the industry, jobs, work of the people and everybody is now thinking about what should we do? what will happen all these questions came across in everybody's mind so here are some of the points what everybody keeps in there mind that will help them to grow better and better in there career

1. Stretch Yourself
The smartest of us say that success is just outside our comfort zone. So, you must stretch beyond your area of expertise. Do something that scares you. Don't like public speaking, start signing up for presentations at work or networking events.
2. Upgrade your skills
This is the most important term and the one thing which makes a big difference between you and the one you want to be so this is the tool which will help you to grow easily and which will give a better opportunity in the industry the more skillful you are the more useful for industry because our industry is going through rigorous changes trends are changing so do the style of working you can not work with an old skill on new projects so update yourself with the industry it will help you as well as the industry also. like join online courses with your work and simultaneously work and learn a new language like python or software testing courses like Manual Testing and Automation Testing or digital marketing whatever will help in your better career growth.
3. Be Curious About changes in the Industry
Spend time every week as a student of your industry or company. Study your industry and company as if there is a constantly changing. Ask questions of people in your space. Ask questions to your manager and colleagues. Ask your company customers how they feel. Develop thought0ful insights about the industry and your company. And don't be shy about sharing those insights.
4. Get A Mentor
Mentors are great resources for all of these elements. Need feedback? Ask your mentor. Need to bounce off industry or company insights? Looking for ways to stretch… Mentor!
a mentor will help you in many ways so be careful to choose your mentor as if you want to follow there feedback "it will make you or break you" a good mentor will give you the best suggestion which will help you to grow in your career it will be anyone your senior your family member or manager it doesn't matter the suggestion will help you that matters.

5. Patience
At end of the day the most important thing, for now, is patience as we all know because of COVID 19 we are facing a lot of problems but all these are temporary and one day everything will be normal and we will again come back on the track so with this positive attitude we follow all the others point and have patience and stay safe stay positive for now.

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Software testing trainer at askme training