As we all know and agree, social media is one of the most effective ways to build your brand or business on the internet today. But it is not so easy to execute. It is confusing, time taking and needs much effort to stand out of all. Now you must be wondering about the reasons behind it. Well, there are more than two billion people present on today’s major social media platforms and thus it is not a cup of tea for a single person to perform as a brand or social media marketer.

So, we must take into use some of the resources as well as tools to automate and scale whenever required and also to manage our social media accounts.

Today, we are going to discuss;

Some of the tactics that would help you do exactly that is growing better manage and scale on social media.

Stick to us to explore these tactics. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started:

1). Don’t Be Strictly Business:

There is a huge difference between advertisement and being pushy. If you advertise your business, that is well and good but if you put posts like 20% off, hot deals, big deal, buy it now etc., you better stop it because it seems too pushy. You must be aware of the rule of thirds. It means about 1/3 of your posts are original branded content, no matter if it a link to your new blog, or some industry related tip or suggestions that you think people will appreciate. It can be even promotional posts also such as call to action (CTA) to contact you for a free consultation or to download a whitepaper from your site.

2). Increase your social following with high-quality content:

Think yourself as a customer, what the first thing you would notice on any brand’s social media business page? Obviously, it’s followers. Follower count not only helps in look your brand good but also to increase your social media exposure, efforts and to impress your advertisers as well.

In order to increase your follower counts, it’s important to have the best visuals, social updates and content possible. Content is the king of any social media platform. As if you fail in explaining your customers about your services, your company aim, values, we think there is no meaning of it then. Also, you can go for other social media platforms to outreach people. There are various businesses in the market that uses this tactic and thus achieving the heights of success.

3). Monitoring and Engagement is the key:

Does your customers trust your business? Do they really like you? If you will ask these questions to a business, most of them would answer “I don’t know”. Many of the businesses or brands even don’t know if their customers are engaged with their services or not. It clearly means that those businesses are not focused enough on engagement.

Monitoring not only means hat how many customers are tweeting your username or posting on your fan page. It means taking care and working on all as a whole. Your business must be able to manage websites, forums, social media and everything in between. There are various tools also available on the internet to take care of it. But only focusing on monitoring is not the end of the chapter. You should also respond to them as well. In addition to this, focus on brand mentions and new link placements as well along with reputation management and customer service of your brand or business.

4). Register your name across all platforms:

Make sure you have your business or brand on every social network. If you have your personal name registered on major social media such as Facebook and twitter, it’s well and good but there are plenty of other social media available as well where registering is needed. It not only a huge time saver but also secure the same username across all platforms.

But only registering on all social media platforms is not enough, you must work on to protect it as well. Also make sure you have a domain name or brand name that is well-known.

5). Social media automation and scheduling are the keys:

We understand, social media is quite time consuming when trying to schedule and manage social updates across various platforms or even browsing. So, it’s better to use some automation tools to track, post updates on social media platforms. There are various tools available that do not let your website stale. They even allow you to continually share older content with new audiences’ time and time again.

Also, make sure you post new content from time to time apart from the linking the old posts over and again because; all these will only work if you are quite serious and consistent enough towards your website. People like brands or businesses that are active, reply to their posts, bring new content in the market. So, don’t be lazy in doing all these stuffs.

Along with all these mentioned points one very important tactic you could use is to use hash tags. One of the brilliant examples of it is KitKat. KitKat uses #mybreak contest that generated over 40 million Twitter impressions.

Time to sum up:

So, these were some of the tactics one to should take into use to build a strong Social Media Following in 2019. You can also use this technique whenever you get to go for a meeting, when you are chilling, when your brand is launching a product or if there is any contest to be happening.

Use all these tactics and get ready to shine all over the internet. Good luck!

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