In the last issue of Core Connections we talked about the vital importance of making the connection between you and your Inner Wisdom. To clarify what your Inner Wisdom of Success is, consider this.
Before you started this journey called Life, your Spirit created a “blueprint” that among other things, contained all the questions about all the challenges and obstacles you would encounter during this lifetime, as well as all the answers and solutions. Then you tucked this blueprint away somewhere deep inside your soul, in a place only you could access. That sacred place is your Inner Wisdom of Success.
So now that you know what it is and where it is, it’s time to gain access to it whenever you need it. The fabulous news is that your wisdom is waiting for you, eager to share with you the way to your successful business and life. You just need to do these 5 things in order to make your way to that sacred place inside you.Be Willing ~ Open yourself up to the power of saying, “Yes!” Even when you are facing fear, doubt, anxiety and many other reasons why you “should not”. Be willing to say yes anyway.
Let Go ~ Release your need to control and trust in the wisdom of a Divine plan.
Have Faith ~ KNOW that your DREAMS are STRONGER than any false fears.
Choose ~ Choose to reclaim your feminine wisdom and create your own reality.
Take Responsibility ~ There is no blame. Release the need to place blame on anyone, including yourself. Instead take responsibility for every aspect of your life and reclaim your power!Choose one of these steps to focus on everyday for a month (enough time to form a new habit) and watch as you begin to create a stronger more meaningful bond with your SELF. On month two continue that first step and then add another one and focus on that for a month. When you have worked your way through all five steps, you will have created a powerful portal that you can use to tap into your Inner Wisdom of Success whenever you need it!

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