chatbot marketing is as much about relationship building as it is about selling your goods and services. At we understand how important it is for your customers to get answers to questions instantly. Otherwise, the reader is one click away from leaving your website or Facebook page, and going to one of your competitors. Keep them on your side with ChattyPeople. Here's how.

1. Integrate with Facebook Messenger and Comments
When you integrate ChattyPeople on your Facebook page, you allow customers to reach out via Facebook Messenger and Facebook comments. In turn, ChattyPeople's, chatbots will respond with answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQs). Saving you valuable time and resources on support, that can be spent elsewhere on your marketing efforts.

• Push your offer or deal to users on demand
Because ChattyPeople allows for a two-way dialogue with your customers and Facebook fans, you will be able to push offers to them on demand. That means as soon as they are live for your customers or prospects to benefit from. No more checking email reports to see how many off your offer URLs were clicked - you'll be able to tell in an instant how well received your offers were.
People are constantly hungry for fresh offers on the products they want. Now you can stay ahead of the competition by pushing these to them instantly on their favorite platform - Facebook.

• Recognize variations on your trigger words/phrases

ChattyPeople chat bot uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and algorithms to detect variations on trigger words and phrases. This subtlety is important because you want a chat bot that speaks your customer’s language and provides a great experience. You'll be ahead of your competition using inferior chat bots with ChattyPeople, and on your way to building that all important trust factor with your audience.

• Can take order from messenger and comments
Guess what - it doesn't stop there! ChattyPeople can take an order for your goods and services directly from Facebook messenger and comments. Woohoo! Now you don't need to hire costly resources to manage orders from your social media pages - once again, saving you time and money. ChattyPeople send all order information to your email for you to process at your convenience, while the customer is happy knowing their order is being taken care of.

• Integrate with Stripe, PayPal.
Integration with Stripe and PayPal is necessary for any chat bot that will be processing orders on your behalf. ChattyPeople integrates with both, meaning your relationship marketing will be better than your competitors - because you are on top off any enquiries that come in relating to payments. It also allows customers to pay you in the most convenient way possible - without having to type in their credit card information.

These are just a few strategies you can employ to get the most out your ChattyPeople integration on Facebook.

We are sure you will find enough benefit for you to be a returning customer of ChattyPeople, and your audience will be a returning customer of yours.

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